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How to Color Tissue Paper for Arts and Crafts

Have any of you had white tissue paper but wish you had some that were colored?

Today, I have an artistic way for you to color those white tissue papers without worrying about ripping them.

It's an easy process, and the way I will show you actually uses two pieces of tissue paper together, so you've got a sturdier piece in the end to add to your art or junk journals. I like to glue the thinner papers I make to card stock to use for artist trading cards and the like.

Make colored tissue backgrounds

You will need:

To start, I cut two pieces of tissue paper approximately the same size:

Tissue paper to color

Then I chose a color I wanted my tissue to be and squirted a little all my silicone mat:

Using paint to color tissue

I filled some water into a plastic spoon and poured it over a glob of paint:

Watering down paint to color tissue paper

Next, I mixed the paint and water together and spread it out on my silicone mat using the back of the spoon. You want to use enough paint and water so that it spreads easily.

I spread it big enough for my tissue piece to fit in:

Spread some paint out to color tissue

Then I dipped my piece of tissue in, making sure the whole piece would get in the paint:

Dip tissue into paint to color it

Technically, you could quit here and let it dry. But I wanted to do a little more and add some more interest.

So, I squirted a little paint of a complimentary color and dipped a sponge in...

Adding sponge paint to tissue paper

And pounced it on my tissue paper:

Sponge Paint tissue paper

While the original paint was still wet and after I added more color, I laid down the other piece of tissue paper directly on top of the first one:

Layers of colored tissue paper

I patted down the second piece so it was fully wet with all the paint:

Press the tissue into the paint

Then I set it aside to dry.

Let the tissue soak in the paint.

Once it's fully dry, gently peel it off the silicone mat:

Peel back the colored tissue

As you can see, my tissue paper picked up some of the ink on my mat before this project, but that's something I think adds to this kind of work.

DIY dyed tissue paper

Here are two others that had a really interesting effect when I lifted them off the mat:

DIY colored tissue

And this one, I had crumpled the tissue paper before I started. It has its own unique look:

Crumpled colored tissue paper

So you can have all sorts of fun with this idea, including just needing to colorize some tissue paper.

And if you need to color some paper towels, I've got you covered.

If you like this idea, please let me know in the comments.

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