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DIY Personalized Stocking Holders: Step-by-Step Tutorial for the Perfect Christmas Craft Project

Learn how to make unique, DIY stocking holders for your mantel this December using dollar-store wooden boxes. The finished holder even has a little drawer for a secret gift on Christmas morning 🎁.

Colorful handcrafted wooden stocking holders with heart cut-outs and glittery initials on a festive mantel, featured on, with the text 'DIY Stocking Holders

The project tutorial below is intended for stocking holders to be put on a fireplace mantel; tho they would work on a shelf too. But I have a few more ideas on how to hang your stocking if you don’t have a fireplace.

How do you hang a stocking without a mantel?

  1. Wall Hooks or Adhesive Hooks: Install wall hooks or use removable adhesive hooks to hang stockings on a wall. These hooks can be positioned anywhere and removed easily without damaging the wall.

  2. Stocking Holder Stand: Use a freestanding stocking holder stand, which can hold multiple stockings and can be placed anywhere in your home.

  3. Furniture Edges: Hang stockings from the edges of sturdy furniture like bookshelves, TV stands, or dressers using decorative clips or small hooks.

  4. Staircase Railings: Tie the stockings to your staircase railings with decorative ribbons or string for a festive look.

  5. Window Sills: If you have deep window sills, you can place stocking holders there or use removable hooks to hang the stockings.

  6. Door Knobs: Hang the stockings from interior door knobs in your home for a simple and easy display.

  7. DIY Stocking Hanger Box: Create a personalized hanger box, like your craft project, that can be placed on the floor or a table.

  8. Command Strips: Use Command strips to attach stocking hooks to the wall, which can hold the weight of a filled stocking and can be removed easily.

  9. Decorative Ladder: A decorative ladder can be a stylish way to hang stockings by draping them over the rungs or hooks.

But let's look at this tutorial in case you do have a fireplace (or a shelf).

How to make DIY stocking holders:

supplies to make diy stocking holders

Step 1 - Paint the wooden boxes

A hand painting the top of a wooden box with a glossy red acrylic paint next to an open bottle of Apple Barrel paint, highlighting a crafting step for making a DIY stocking holder from

Paint the edges of the box to match the different scrapbook papers you'll put over it. You'll want to paint the box's top, both sides and back.

I painted mine so that I'd have different patterned papers for each side of the box.

Step 2 - Glue the papers on each side of the box

A hand applying white Mod Podge glue with a paintbrush to a wooden box with a heart cutout, covered in striped holiday paper, part of a decoupage technique for crafting from

Cut the paper so that it is a bit smaller than each side (that way, you don't have to worry about some of the paper hanging off the edges. Use Mod Podge to glue it on, both under and over the paper. Do this on all 4 sides.

I originally used matte Mod Podge, but I later decided to coat it with a gloss Mod Podge. So, either one works at this step.

Optional ideas:

Use stickers instead of scrapbook paper:

A wooden box painted in festive colors with a red top adorned with golden snowflake stickers and sides in shades of blue featuring white snowflake patterns, prepared for a holiday craft on

Paint your own pattern or designs:

A handcrafted wooden cube painted with festive designs: snowflakes on a blue top, holly berries on a white side, and gold with red garlands, ready for holiday decoration from

Step 3 - Paint the edges on the front of the box

A hand holding a small wooden box with the edges painted yellow, showcasing the neat finish and precision of the paintwork, part of a DIY decorative project from

If you are able to find the same box I found at Dollar Tree, there will be an edge around the opening of the box that you'll want to paint.

Step 4 - Paint the inside drawer of the box

A person's hand holding a can of spray paint, about to apply a coat of vibrant yellow paint to a small wooden box with a heart cutout on a protective cardboard surface, as part of a DIY project from

Here, I used a can of spray paint to paint the drawer, but any paint will work.

I painted all my drawers a different color:

Four painted wooden boxes in bright primary colors, each with a heart-shaped cutout, arranged in a playful, staggered display, part of a DIY stocking holder set

Step 5 - Drill a hole in the front of the box

A close-up of a person using a drill to install a small metal hook into a golden wooden block with a heart-shaped cutout, part of a DIY stocking holder project

Use a small drill or rotary tool bit near the bottom of the box. With these boxes, it is on the front of the drawer.

Step 6 - Screw the hook into the box

A hand screwing a metal hook into a golden-painted wooden cube, part of a step-by-step process for making a DIY stocking holder

Depending on how big you made your hole, you should be able to screw into the box. If you made the hole a little too big so that it just goes in without screwing, that's ok too.

An empty golden-painted wooden box viewed from above with a heart-shaped cutout at the top and a metal hook attached inside, part of a DIY stocking holder project

The screw will be sticking through the inside of the box, and that's what we want to have happen.

Step 7 - Add flat-back marbles to the bottom of the box

A golden-painted wooden box with a side hook, filled with red and green marbles, ready for use as a festive DIY stocking holder

Add the flat-back marbles so that they're a little higher than where your screw sticks out.

The reason we're doing this step is to add some weight to the holders so that they don't fall over when you add your stocking.

Step 8 - Mix up some 2-part epoxy resin

stirring together 2 part epoxy resin

We will be adding epoxy resin to the marbles to hold them and the back of the screw in place. So mix enough to do that for all the boxes you're making.

Step 8 - Pour the resin over the marbles

A golden box with a heart cutout is filled with colorful marbles, viewed from above with a clear resin cup positioned to the side

Pour enough just to cover the marbles.

Because there's that little window, I had to be careful not to put too much resin. You'll have to do the same if you have these boxes, too.

Here is what it should look like when it's all cured:

A golden painted wooden box with a heart-shaped cutout filled with colorful marbles, ready to be used as a festive DIY stocking holder

The resin is a nice step because it creates a flat surface for you to add a small gift inside the box.

Step 9 - Paint and attach wooden initials to the top of the box

letters 'J', 'B', 'M', 'H' laid out on a white background, with a rustic texture and finish

This is a nice touch to personalize each box, but it is totally optional.

You can find 3D letters or flatter letters for the front of a box on Amazon

Step 10 - Display your stocking holders with stockings on your mantel!

tockings hung on a mantel all held by colorful DIY wooden holders with heart-shaped cutouts and glittery letters

Colorful wooden stocking holders on a mantel, each with a cut-out heart and an initial letter, with various stockings hanging below

Three hand-painted stocking holders with heart cut-outs, each with a metallic letter on top spelling 'HBM', displayed on a mantel with stockings hung below

Don't they look great?

If you couldn't figure it out, the Bob Ross stocking is mine 😄.

And don't forget:

Close-up of a handmade yellow stocking holder box with a brown letter 'M' on top, partially opened to reveal marbles and a small round gift inside, with an empty red stocking hanging below

You can add a little present to the inside of the box as a special surprise.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head to the dollar store to get started on this fun Christmas craft project.

For more DIY Christmas crafts, check out all my tutorials for winter holiday DIY decorations.

You can also visit all my adult craft tutorials.

A collage showcasing the process of making DIY stocking holders: painting wooden boxes, filling with marbles for weight, and the final colorful boxes with initials displayed on a mantel.

Colorful DIY stocking holders made from painted wooden craft boxes, each adorned with a bold initial letter and festive designs, displayed on a mantel.


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