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How to Create an Amazing Mixed Media Background Using Crumpled Tissue Paper

Create a textured background with this easy-to-follow tutorial using crumpled tissue, inks, and other simple materials. Learn how to create beautiful mixed media effects perfect for cards, scrapbooks, and art journals!

crumpled tissue background

Materials needed:

First, add ink to your background stamp:

ink stamp to put on tissue

You can use a brayer for more even coverage if you want.

Stamp the tissue paper.

ink on tissue for background

Crumple up your stamped tissue one or more times.

crumpled tissue for mixed media background

Add Modge Podge or another adhering medium to where you want your background to be.

In my case, a little journal book.

layer of dodge podge for mixed media background

Place the crumpled tissue on top of the glue medium and squish it around so there are bumps for more texture.

layer tissue in art journal for mixed media background

Trim the tissue around the edges of your page or canvas as needed.

trim tissue for mixed media background

Spray your tissue-covered background with various spray inks.

I usually like to add 2 or 3 different colors of spray ink to one background.

inks sprays on tissue for mixed media background

spray ink on tissue for mixed media background

And here is a page using the background in my newest art journal. The theme of it is “good life advice.”

art journal with crumpled tissue background technique

A word about the above journal page: I have ADHD. I think most people who also have ADHD might tell you that making lots of mistakes is common. Remembering to learn from them is also an issue. However, knowing things like the self-talk above is always helpful. I found an article about 12 Things To Remember The Next Time You ‘Mess Up’ that will help keep you from beating yourself up too much.

Are there any other tissue backgrounds that you've tried?

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mixed media background with tissue paper


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