How to Paint With Mica Powder Background Technique

In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how you can add some color plus glimmer to already painted paper towels.

But first, I'm going to go through the steps of dying the paper towels to show you how to give it a tie-dye effect.

'Tis all very much fun 😄.

Materials needed

Step 1:

Add a dollop of paint into a cup. Do this with 3 different colors.

Step 2:

Add some water and mix making the color cups like a colorful broth, for lack of a better description.

Step 3:

After you stir them well, crumple up a paper towel and dip one side into one color. Rotate the paper towel and dip into a second color. Do this until all the paper towel has been saturated with color.

Step 4:

Uncrumple and lay them out to the side.

Step 5:

In another mixing bowl add a teaspoon of a color mica powder.

Step 6:

Add some water and gel glue in with your mica powder and stir.

The glue is what keeps the mica powder sticking to the paper. Otherwise, it would just fall off once dry.

Step 7:

Start painting on the mica powder to your still-wet paper towels. Don't paint everywhere - just in places to accentuate the colors that were already on the paper towel.

The mica powder will leave a shimmer onto your paper towels and that's the neat part.

With this paper towel background, I glued part of it to an index card to make this piece of mixed media art:

Get the supplies on Amazon:

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