Watercolor Impression Background Technique

I love how this technique ends up turning out. Tho it does take some time to dry.

Here’s the steps:

1. Dunk a piece of card stock into water to get it completely wet.

Don't use watercolor paper. It’s too absorbent.

2. Add watercolor to your wet card stock.

3. Add different complimentary colors if wanted:

4. Cover the whole piece of card stock:

5. Place embroidery thread and other absorbent materials onto the wet card stock:

6. Place a piece of heavy glass on top of everything.

I used a glass baking dish.

7. Once dry, remove the string and any other fiber like materials.

You should be left with an awesome resist where the thread soaked up the color!

I made an artist trading card with part of my background:

Check out another mixed media background tutorial using a stencil.

And here you can purchase the materials here:

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