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Glitter Glue Resist Background Technique

Who doesn’t love glitter glue?

I do! I do!

And most of us have at least a few dollar store tubes in our stash of craft supplies.

Most of us have watercolors too.

And that’s all you need for this fun and easy background technique.

glitter glue resist background technique


Materials: (unless you missed it)


Step 1:

Use your glitter glue to make squiggles - or whatever design you like and let dry.

glitter glue on card stock

Step 2:

Add watercolor over the glitter glue:

watercolor on glitter glue

paint watercolor on glitter glue

watercolor will resist the glitter glue

Let it dry and you have a new background technique!

backgrounds made with glitter glue and watercolors

It will be fun to add as your first layer in your art journals or other mixed media work.

I used it to make an artist trading card:

artist trading card background

I used to go to Michaels all the time and buy their glitter glue for $1. But since I lost those supplies in the forest fire last year, I’ve bought some Elmer's tubes and like them a lot.

Who can tell me how long they last?

Buy the materials on Amazon:

glitter glue resist background technique

watercolor and glitter glue resist for mixed media
glitter glue background technique

watercolor and glitter glue resist tutorial


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