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Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Pretty, Decoupaged Glass Vase For Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a unique, handmade gift to give to a special friend this Valentine’s Day? Why not try creating a one-of-a-kind decoupaged vase?

Decoupage is a craft technique that uses cutouts and glue to bring a unique design to an ordinary item, including a glass vase that you can buy at the dollar store.

With some simple materials and a little patience, you can create a pretty vase that will be cherished for years to come. This step-by-step guide will give all the techniques, tips, and advice you need to create a decoupaged vase for Valentine’s Day.

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how to decoupage a glass vase

How do you decoupage on glass?

Decoupage is a beautiful way to decorate glass pieces and give them a personalized look. To decoupage on glass, start by selecting the desired design you wish to place on the glass surface. Next, obtain the paper material that contains your chosen printed design or pattern and cut it into the desired shape. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue (see here on how to make your own) onto the back of the paper or directly on the glass, then carefully press it to the glass and let dry completely. Seal the paper with several coats of clear sealant (or more Mod Podge).

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supplies to decoupage a glass vase

Step 1 - Paint the vase

painting on glass

Use a metallic gloss or enamel acrylic paint to cover the vase. Just use 1 coat of paint so that it is still mostly see-through.

Step 2 - Cut out heart shapes

making hearts on a cricut

There are multiple ways you can cut out heart shapes

  • a paper punch

  • die cuts

  • a Cricut

  • or cut them out yourself

I used 3 different patterns of scrapbook paper, but you could also just use one.

Step 3 - Bend the hearts slightly

making hearts to decoupage

If you use heavier cardstock, bending the hearts in just slightly will make it easier for you to decoupage onto the vase.

Step 4 - Use a decoupage medium to attach to the glass

decoupage onto glass

First, you put a layer of Mod Podge or another decoupage medium on the glass. And then, place the heart over it and paint another or two on top. Here is a post on how to make your own decoupage medium.

Decoupage the hearts in a random pattern or how you want them to look.

Step 5 - Add glitter medium to the hearts (optional)

use glitter mod podge

To give the vase some sparkle, paint the hearts with glitter Mod Podge. You can also try using glitter paint. Test it out first so you can see how glitter paint would look with the paper you're using.

Step 6 - Outline the hearts with puffy paint

puffy paint to decorate vase

If you use a heavier card stock, you can tell after it's decoupaged because it sits higher than the glass. That's the reason I first thought of using puffy paints to outline them. I really like how it looks, also.

Step 7 - Fill in spaces around the hearts

decorated diy vase

You can add little dots in the spaces between the hearts with the same puffy paints.

Before starting this project, I looked at several heart patterns on Google images to give me ideas on how to make the pattern on my vase.

Step 8 - Cover with a gloss sealer

valentines day craft

Use a heavy gloss acrylic sealer to completely seal the outside of your vase. I used Decoart triple thick gloss spray, and it looks really cool. It gives the whole vase a shiny, glassy look.

decoupaged glass

The last thing to do is put flowers in it and give your homemade vase and bouquet to someone you love!!

flowers in a diy vase

In the end, creating a beautiful, decoupaged vase for Valentine's Day is fun and rewarding. Taking the time to personalize a gift will show how much you care, and with creativity, you can quickly turn a plain vase into a masterpiece. Plus, if you make a couple of vases, you could always keep one for yourself or use them for any other special occasion! So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and start decoupaging today! Also, check out another glass decorating project of mine.

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diy valentines vase

diy dacoupaged vase


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