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DIY Dollar Store Candle Holder Using Molds

What a beautiful spring day it is in California - and I hope for you too 🥰.

I've got a delightful project for you today. I am going to show you how to take glass candle holders you can get from the Dollar Tree and then, using mastic - also from the Dollar tree - and a mould, we're going to wrap the molded shape around the glass candle holder.

You might not know what mastic is, so let me tell you. It's something plumbers use - I think 🤪. It's also called caulk, which you may have heard of. It's that stuff that you can find in the bathroom that goes around your sink or tub. It's what seals out the water. And I found out that the stuff is amazing for crafting - especially for using it in silicone moulds!

Why - you might ask? Because the mastic casting comes out as a flexible object! That means you can wrap the dried form around curved items - such as glass candle holders 😃, whoo hoo!

Make a handmade, decorative candle holder

There are a couple of supplies that I know you can’t get at the dollar store - tho the Dollar Tree has bulked up their crafting isle, it seems. Here’s a list of everything needed:


diy candle holders ideas

Step 1

Paint a coat of frost glass paint over the entire outside of the glass tumbler and let dry.

It’s up to you if you want more coats. I ended up only doing one.

DIY candle holders glass

Step 2

Take your tube of mastic and squeeze some into the mould. You can be liberal with the mastic. It’s totally ok if it goes over the top of the mould.

You might be able to find a silicone mold somewhere for cheap, in the disguise of an ice cube tray. Always be on the lookout for turning something into a crafting purpose 👍.

Using caulk in silicone moulds

Step 3

Using your finger, gently go over the entire filled mould in a circle. What you’re doing is finding any air pockets in the mastic. When you see one surface, just push more mastic in the area.

Inevitably, you won’t be able to get all the small air pockets out and some will probably show when you take it out, so don’t be disappointed. I think it gives the shape or sort of antiqued look.

What to put in moulds

How to use decorative moulds in crafting

Step 4

Use a palette or butter knife to even the mastic on the mould. It’s still ok if some goes over and you get a layer on the top of the mould.

What can I put in a silicone mould beside resin

I decided to fill all the shapes on my mould...

How to use a silicone mould

Ok. So the downside to using mastic is it takes a while to dry. I left mine in the sun, but it still took a couple of days to fully dry. However, the drying time also depends on how thick your mould form is.

You can tell when it’s close to being dry by pressing on the shape. If it’s kinda squishy still, it’s not dry.

Step 5

When the mastic is finally dry, gently pull on the mastic if it’s over the edge. If not, you can bend the silicone mould to get it out.

How to use silicone moulds

I got mine out all connected together:

What to put in silicone moulds

Step 6

Carefully cut the extra mastic around the edges using small scissors, like scrapbooking scissors.

Crafting with mould forms

Step 7

Use acrylic craft paint to paint your mastic shape or shapes.

Paintable mould forms

Make sure you paint all the sides and nooks and crannies.

Making mould forms with silicone

I used multiple shades of colors to look a little more realistic and artistic.

Painting silicone mould shapes

My finished paint job:

Silicone mould painting

Step 8

Place your glass tumbler on a dish towel or something, so it won't roll around.

DIY candle holders jars

Step 9

Flip your mastic form on its back and cover the whole thing with epoxy glue or any other glue that works on glass. Check out what crafting glues to use for different projects here.

Crafting mould techniques

Step 10

Place the mastic shape on to your candle holder in the position you want.

how to make your own candle holder

Make sure all the back side of the mastic is pressed down. You'll probably need to keep your fingers holding it down for 10 seconds in some parts, depending on the mould you used.

DIY candle holder with glass jar

Step 11

Once your shape is good and stuck on the glass, spray the whole thing, including the painted glass, with an acrylic sealer.

how to make diy candle holders

Once that quickly dries, you'll be able to wrap it in pretty paper and give it to your mom for mothers day ❤️.

DIY decorative candle holders

And if you decide to not make a flowery candle holder for your mom, at least you now know of a fun crafty dollar store hack you can add to your arsenol. Make sure to share with your friends 😀.

And before you go, check out this other glass candle holder project with faux stained glass.

Buy the supplies on Amazon:

Create unique, DIY candle holders

Make flexible mould castings

Create DIY handmade candle holders.


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