How to Make Pearly Plant Pokes

I love my house plants.

I did not discover my love - or even my ability - to grow things till I was 32. I told my husband I wanted to get a house plant, but that he’d have to be in charge of keeping it alive because I’d never cared for a plant before. I guess maybe I thought I’d forget. Well, he never touched the plant! I didn’t want it to just die, so I started watering it and giving it love. I had that plant for 6 years until the fire that destroyed everything also took my plant :(

But my point is, I love plants!

I am not however an indoor flower plant person. To be honest, do many houseplants have flowers?

Without flowers tho, green is mostly the color you’re going to get. about we make some colorful plant pokes! Break up that sea of green.

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

Roll out the air dray clay to around 1/3rd of an inch.

Step 2:

Use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape you want.

I wanted my pokes to look like flowers amongst my plants, so I used flower-shaped cookie cutters.

Step 3:

There are two ways you could do this part:

You can poke a hole on the bottom of your shaped clay to insert and glue in a dowel:

Or you could attach the dowel using some glue and clay:

Step 4:

Let your poke tops dry and harden.

I let pokes my dry overnight

Step 5:

If you choose to paint your clay, do that part now.

I painted both sides.

Step 6:

Cover the front of your clay poke top with a layer of glue.

Step 7:

Using your finger or a rhinestone picker-upper, start adding some flat back pearls.

Cover it with pearls until the whole thing is covered.

You can also get creative with your pearl design.

Step 8:

Let them dry and then stick them in with your potted house plants.

So tell me, how many of you are plants nuts? If you want to be - so you can make fun little pokes😜 - the folks at Backyard Boss have a houseplant care guide you should check out.

Do you decorate your house plants with anything else? - perhaps a fairy garden or pot clips?

Buy the supplies on Amazon:


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