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DIY Dragonfly Wings Using Liquid Polymer Clay

I'm sure you guys have seen homemade dragonflies with incredible wings online before. And if you're reading this, you're probably wondering how they did it. I know that was the case for me.

So, I did some research to find a fun and creative way to make pretty “bug” wings. And I saw that one way it could be done is by using wire and liquid polymer clay. I was excited because I happened to have some liquid Sculpey, but hadn't used it yet.

Well, not any more baby.

Allow me to show you how I made this neat dragonfly that I ended up turning into a magnet. It's super fun and is not as hard as one might think.

Create stunning wings for a dragonfly

Aren't those cool wings?

Supplies to make diy dragonfly

Step 1

Cut four 4 or 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) of the craft wire (it can be any color you want or have.)

Using craft wire to make diy dragonfly wings

Step 2

Bend the wires in half, making a long U shape.

Making wire dragonfly wings

Step 3

Using round-nosed jewelry pliers, bend the middle of the U shape in, making a lopsided W, like in the picture below.

I did this doing two wires at a time so that the wings would end up more even. You want to do 4 altogether.

Shaping wire dragonfly wings

Step 4

Twist the end wires together, making a wing shape.

DIY wire dragonfly wing

Step 5

Lay your wire wing flat against a silicone mat and start squeezing the liquid polymer clay inside the wing going from one side of the wire to the other side, back and forth. It's ok if some spills out. We'll fix it later.

Making wings out of liquid polymer clay

Do this to all four wings.

Step 6

Leave the wings on the silicone mat and bake per instructions of the liquid polymer clay.

Baking liquid sculpey and wire

Please excuse my dirty oven :)

Step 6

Remove from the oven.

Your wings should look something like this:

Liquid sculpey dragonfly wings

Isn't that neat?

Step 7

Trim away any of the liquid clay that might have spilled over.

How to bake liquid polymer clay

Step 8

Use an eyedropper to add Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints to your wing.

If you don't have this particular paint, water down metallic paint, just a bit, and use the eyedropper to apply it. It won't swirl together, quite like the Pebeo, but it will still be cool.

Metallic dragonfly wings

Here's my wing with three of the Pebeo paints added:

Iridescent dragonfly wing

Paint all four wings and let dry.

Step 9

Now it's time to start making our dragonfly body using regular polymer clay. Their bodies have three sections to them.

Make the first by rolling a long cylindrical shape.

Shaping polymer clay

Step 10

For the middle section, roll a ball and push it a little flat with your thumb.

polymer clay ball

Step 11

Using more of the liquid Sculpey as glue, add a drop to the end of the middle section.

Using liquid sculpey as glue

Step 13

Hold the middle section and long tail section together to attach them.

Making a polymer clay dragonfly body

Step 14

Make a head and two protruding eyes and glue them in place with the liquid clay.

Clay dragonfly body

Step 15

Now, grab your wings and untwist the ends as much as you can without disturbing the actual wing.

Dragonfly wings wire

Step 16

Trim one of the wires so that there is only one wire extending from the wing.

Snipping wire on dragonfly wings

Do that with all the wings.

Step 17

While the clay is still wet, poke the one wire from the wing into the clay where you want the wing to be. You're making a spot to glue the wire in later.

Do this with all four wings.

Poke holes for the dragonfly wings

Step 18

Snip off two pieces of an inch or so of unused wire and curl the ends for the antenna.

Bending wire to make antennas

Step 19

You can choose to bake the dragonfly with or without the antennas in. I did bake it with the antennas in.

Clay dragonfly with wire antennas

Step 20

Bake your dragonfly without the wings (make sure you have holes for them, tho.)

Step 21

Add or dip the wings wire in superglue or another strong clear adhesive.

Adding glue to the dragonfly wings

Step 22

Insert the wings into the holes you made before baking.

Inserting dragonfly wings

Metallic dragonfly wings diy

Step 23

Paint the dragonfly body with metallic paints.

Metallic painted diy dragonfly

Using multiple colors of metallic paint looks cool.

I painted the eyes a metallic black with a little turquoise, and it turned out pretty awesome.

Painting dragonfly in metallic colors

Metallic dragonfly diy

Metallic diy dragonfly craft

Last step

Add some glue and a magnet button to the back — or front, rather.

Make a diy dragonfly a magnet

And now you have a delightful addition to your refrigerator or a maybe a gift to a dragonfly lover you know.

DIY dragonfly refrigerator magnet

I put my dragonfly magnet on my front door:

DIY dragonfly magnet

I know that was a lot of instructions, but I'm sure you'll find most of them pretty intuitive. And none of the steps are especially difficult, so please give this project a try and tell me how it goes.

Make a dragonfly using liquid clay

DIY dragonfly using liquid Sculpey

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