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Make an Inspirational Quote Plaque Using Clay

Some folks may roll their eyes at inspirational quotes. Profess that it’s for the weak-minded.

And you know what? I must bow my head in shame as I admit I was one of them.

But boy, for the last several years, I have fully discovered the power of these positive sayings.

Unfortunately, one must be open and willing to change their perspective on the idea if it’s going to be of benefit. You can’t force people to open their minds and their hearts to what wondrous ideas and realizations exist out there. All you can do is wish for them to someday understand.

Some examples of inspirational quotes you could use, Pinterest is full of ideas.

And so, I introduce you to my “inspiring” project:

doy inspirational quote clay plaque


The supplies you’ll need:

supplies for diy quote plaques


Step 1:

Roll out your clay big enough to fit your inspirational saying.

This may take a bit of planning. Or you could just roll out a lot.

quote plaques with rubber stamps

Step 2:

Push your letter stamps into the clay.

I hover my head flat against the table, so I can see where to place the letters so they’re more or less straight. They can go wonky if you don’t pay close attention.

use alphabet stamps for handmade clay plaques

Step 3:

Smooth out the indents of the stamp block by rubbing it gently over with your finger.

For big mess ups, you can roll the area with your rolling pin.

handmade clay plaques with quotes

handmade inspirational quote art

Step 4:

If you picked out a long quote or saying, you’re probably going to have to use smaller stamps (I got mine in the dollar bins at Michaels.)

I find it easiest if I lay all the letters out in a way I can see them all, like so:

use letter stamps for inspirational quotes

Step 5:

Add any additional image stamps.

Again, this is where some planning might need to take place.

stamp images into clay

Step 6:

Once you have your images and words in place, smooth out any indents the best you can.

stamp into clay

Step 7:

Cut around your quote to shape it how you want.

You can also add a hole at the top as a way to hang it.

cutting clay into shapes

Step 8:

Bake it as the directions on your clay package indicate.

quote plaque diy

Now comes my favorite part - the painting.

Step 9:

Get your colors ready.

paint polymer clay plaque

Step 10:

Paint the background.

And don't worry about filling in the stamped part. You'll be painting over it.

paint inspirational plaque

Step 11:

Paint the images how you want.

painting rubber stamp images

Step 12:

Fill in the words with a paint pen.

paint pen details into clay

Step 13:

Use a smaller point paint or gel pen if you have smaller letters.

add gel pen to stamped images

Step 14:

Spray your plaque with a high gloss spray to give it a ceramic look.

coat clay with thick gloss

polymer looks like glazed ceramic

Step 15:

If you didn't add a hole as a hanger, add a hanging hook of some type.

adding hanging hooks on the backs of plaques

Hang it proudly. Let it inspire you every time you look at it!

display your quote plaque

You can also display it in other ways.

display diy plaque

Here is another plaque I made.

This one included the hole to hang.

inspirational quote sign diy

I think the meaning of Let it Go is a powerful one that can put many at ease.

Here is some info about it:

buddhist meaning of let it go

And for another craft tutorial using polymer clay, check out my post - DIY: Polymer Clay Ring Dish That Sparkles.

Buy the supplies on Amazon:

step by step tutorial clay quote plaque
create an inspirational quote plaque

diy quote art
get inspired with a diy clay plaque

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