DIY: Polymer Clay Ring Dish That Sparkles

I love a useful art project. So, when my husband said he needed somewhere to put his end-of-the-day change, I said “hey, I’m on it.”

And so...the star dish was born.

And it was fun to make because it SPARKLES WITH GLITTER!!

But, before I show you the step by step how you can make one too, a little Buddhist teaching:

Materials Used

White polymer clay

Ceramic or acrylic paints


Dazzle stickers

Gloss varnish

Tools used

Rolling pin


Something to cut a circle shape

Ceramic bowl to make shape

Step 1:

Knead your clay until soft

Step 2:

Roll the clay till it’s as big as you want it.

Make sure the thickness stays at about a quarter inch.

Step 3:

Cut your clay in a circle shape

I used a pot lid with a sharp underneath. It was perfect.

Step 4:

Gently lay your clay circle inside of another dish to form the shape

Step 5:

Bake your clay according to the instructions

Mine said 20 mins at 300 degrees for a quarter inch thick piece of clay

Step 6:

Paint the inside of your hardened dish a dark blue

Leave the top edge unpainted for now

Step 7:

After the blue paint dries, cover it with a coat of glossy varnish and move on to the next step while it’s still wet.

Step 7:

While the varnish is still wet, cover the inside of your bowl with matching blue glitter so it coating the whole inside.

Then let it dry

Step 8:

Collect and put back the excess glitter into its container

Step 9:

Do another coat of gloss varnish

After your glitter coat is all dry...

Step 10:

Flip the dish and paint the bottom metallic gold

Also paint the flat ridge going around

Step 11

Start sticking on your gold star stickers to the inside of your your dish

Step 12:

Seal the stickers with another coat of the gloss varnish

And when it’s dry, you have an amazing out-of-this-world place to keep your pocket change!

To start the conversation - what other dazzle sticker themes would be good for this project?

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