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DIY Mosaic Box Using Craft Foam

Here is another Dollar Tree craft project for ya'll. Everyone loves an inexpensive do-it-yourself, right?

I had made a box just like this one several years ago and it was so easy and fun result, that I made another one to show you guys.

Use craft foam to make a mosaic box.

Supplies needed to craft a mosaic box

Step 1

Paint your box an under-color that will match the puffy paint you'll use to grout it.

You can use whatever color craft foam and puffy paint you want or have.

Painting and decorating a paper mâché box

Step 2

Ink a background stamp with embossing ink

Embossing your foam is an optional step. I just wanted to add a little something to the soon-to-be tiles.

Use embossing ink and embossing powder for mixed media craft project

Step 3

Apply the inked stamp to a piece of craft foam.

I have to admit, I'm not a pro stamper so I'm not sure if using a brayer is what works best, but it's what I did.

Stamping craft foam

Step 4:

Cover the craft foam with embossing powder.

Embossing powder on craft foam diy

And pour the excess powder in something you can collect it in to use again.

Embossing powder and craft foam

Step 5

Heat the powdered image on your foam.

Make sure you don't get too close for too long to avoid melting the foam itself.

Embossing craft foam with embossing powder

Your powder should have melted together to look something like this:

How to emboss craft foam
Embossing Craft foam

Step 6

Cut your foam into little mosaic pieces. Cut them in various shapes.

Cut foam to use as mosaic tiles
Foam pieces to use as little tiles

Step 7

Before you start gluing the pieces on, put the box lid on, and using a pencil, draw a line around where it comes around the box.

How to alter a paper mâché box

Now you know where to not glue the tiles to leave room for the lid.

How to decorate a paper mâché box

Step 8

Add a section of glue around your box.

I used gel glue.

Decorating a paper mâché box

Step 9

Start adding your foam pieces leaving room between them to add our puffy paint grout.

Using craft foam as tiles for a mosaic box

Glue one section at a time.

And make sure you do the top of the lid, as well.

DIY Mosaic box tiled with craft foam

Step 10

Once all your tiles are in place, start filling in the spaces with your puffy paint. It's our faux grout.

I actually used some Gallery Glass liquid leading because I didn't have metallic gold puffy paint on hand, but they both work.

Using puffy paint as faux grout

Fill one section at a time.

And make sure you do the top of the lid, as well.

Mixed media paper mâché box

Step 11

Add flat back pearls around the edge of the lid.

I used gel super glue for this to avoid having to wait for regular glue to dry.

Embellish a paper mâché box
Embellishing a paper mâché box

And yay! You have an awesome mixed media box now. These would make a fun gift for someone too, I think.

DIY Mixed media box

For another project using flat back pearls, check out my Pearly Plant Pokes tutorial.

And If there is no Dollar Tree around or they have limited options, buy the materials on Amazon:

DIY mosaic box made with craft foam
Do it yourself mosaic box using craft foam


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