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How to Use Paper Mache Mix - Colorful DIY Craft Idea

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use pre-made paper mache mix and shape it into a dish. On top of that, you'll see how I decorated it using paper and colored cellophane.

create a colorful dish using paper mache

There are so many different ways you could decorate a paper mache dish like the one I'm showing you.

Use how I decorated mine as inspiration, or follow it by the book. Every time we make something, we get better at techniques, but it also adds to our ability to turn it into something else for future projects.

Using paper mache mix is easy, but you can also learn how to make your own recipe.

Step 1

Measure out the amount of mix you'll need to cover the dish you're using as a mould.

I ended up needing to make more than what I initially thought, so keep that in mind. However, it was also fine when I added more mix halfway through shaping my dish.

using paper mache mix

add water to paper mache mix

I used a gallon bag to mix the paper mache in. First I used my hand inside the bag and then I was able to squish it around outside the bag:

mixing paper mache

Step 2

Cover the dish you're using as a mould with saran wrap.

Saran Wrap for paper mache

Step 3

Start pressing the paper mache mix onto the dish.

Forming paper mache mix

For the edges of the dish, I added a chunk of the paper mache at a time and pressed it into place.

Forming paper mache

It's ok if paper mache goes over the lip of the dish. You'll be trimming it after it dries.

Paper mache mix into a dish

Step 4

After you have it spread onto your dish, cover it with practice wrap.

Making a paper mache dish

And then you can even it out more through the plastic wrap.

Forming a paper mache dish

Now you'll need to it to let it dry.

And it usually takes a while. I had to let mine dry for a couple of days.

Once it's dry, take the plastic wrap off the paper mache and remove it from the dish.

It should look like this:

Paper mache dish

Step 5

Cut the excess off around the lip of your dish.

trim edges of paper mache

trimming paper mache

If some of the paper mache chips off, don't worry about it because we'll be covering it with paper.

Step 6

Rip up the black paper into strips.

Black paper for decoupage

Step 7

Using Mod Podge, decoupage the strips of paper onto the paper mache.

decoupaging paper mache

decoupaged paper mache

To go over the edge, turn the strip of paper so that one piece covers totally over the edge.

decoupage around the dish

Step 8

Once it's all covered with the paper, give it one more coat of Mod Podge.

decoupage dish

Step 9

Use circle punches or dies to cut out a few different size circles of white card stock.

Circle punches

Card stock circles

Step 10

Arange the circle shapes on your dish in a way that's pleading and Mod Podge them on.

Decorating paper mache dish

Decorating paper mache with circles

Coat dish with mod podge

Step 11

Grab the different colored cellophane and one color cut into little pieces.

Decorate with colored cellophane

Cellophane pieces

I found it easiest to cut a bigger long triangular shape and then cut it into smaller pieces.

Using colored cellophane

Cut cellophane pieces

Step 12

Paint some Mod Podge onto one of the circles.

Decorating circles on dish

Then start adding the little pieces of cellophane to the circle like how you would for a mosaic.

I used a wax pen I got with a diamond painting set. It made it very easy to add the bits of cellophane.

Make a mosaic with colored cellophane

Use a different color in each circle.

Colored cellophane mosaic

You will probably have to use some colors twice. Just make it so that the same colors are spread apart.

Colored cellophane on paper mache

Step 13

Use black glitter paint to cover all the black areas.

Add glitter paint to dish

Paint the glitter under the lip of the dish as well.

Paint paper mache with glitter paint

Step 14

Outline the circles with black glitter glue to define them more.

Adding glitter glue to dish decoration

Use glitter glue to decorate dish

Step 15

Spray it with some acrylic sealer.

I actually used a car enamel spray so that it would be ultra glossy.

Spray paper mache dish with sealer

And you're done!

Use it for your keys or your pocket change 😃.

Check out my tutorial for a spaced theme clay ring dish next.

Colorful paper mache dish

Paper mache dish diy

DIY paper mache dish

paper mache ring dish diy

diy ring dish


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