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DIY Blossom Lights: Transform Plastic Bottles into Floral Fairy Lights

Looking for a creative way to upcycle your plastic bottles and add a magical touch to your home decor?

You've landed in the right place. Welcome to my DIY guide, where I'll show you how to transform your discarded plastic bottles into a captivating string of floral fairy lights. This eco-friendly project will give those bottles a new lease of life and illuminate your space with a unique charm and warmth.

So, get your crafting gear ready, and let's dive into the magical world of DIY lighting!

how to turn recycled bottles into pretty flower lights

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Step 1 - gather plastic water bottles

plastic bottles for crafting

Grab a bunch of plastic water bottles. You'll need as many as the lights on your string.

Step 2 - cut bottles into flowers

Cut the bottoms of the bottles and cut and shape them to look like petals.

Step 3 - cut out some leaves

leaf shapes made with plastic

With the remainder of the bottle, cut out some leaf shapes.

Step 4 - paint your flowers

airbrush onto plastic

Using an airbrush gun, spray the plastic flowers with different colors of paint.

painting plastic with airbrush

Do the same with the leaves.​

Step 5 - shape the flowers and leaves

Shape the plastic play with heat gun

After the flowers and leafs dry, take your heat gun..- a blow dryer works just as well - And carefully heat the plastic.

Just a little heat will give them a lot of shape - too much, and they curl more than you want them to.

Check out my melted pieces:

Step 6 - attach to lights

attach lights to plastic flowers

Insert the bulb of the string of lights through the back of the flower.

You want just the bulb to be showing through the front.

Use a glue gun around the bulb's back to secure it to the flower.

Make sure you glue it on the back of the flower so the front looks prettier.

Once completely dry, pick a place to hang them and appreciate your work.​

recycled plastic glued to string of lights

There are many other ways to reuse plastic you’d otherwise get rid of. Check out these 17 other ways to get creative with recycled plastic bottles.

I have more fairy light tutorials too! Check out my tutorial on using ping pong balls on a light string. Plus, see how fairy lights can light up painted recycled wine bottles.

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make flowers out of recycled plastic bottles
turn plastic bottles into flowers

diy recycled plastic flower lights

diy string of flower lights


Heather McClelland
Heather McClelland
Oct 22, 2019

There are a lot of ways to Upcycle plastic. Just check out Pinterest!


Paula Skulina
Paula Skulina
Oct 21, 2019

What a neat way to upcycle water bottles!


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