How to Make Button Art on a Canvas

I went a little crazy 🤪 when it came to replacing my button supply after the fire. In fact, I think I have more art supplies in every category now than I did before the fire. I guess it was easier to justify replacing lost items than “just wanting more.” I used to say I liked being able to do most projects I’d find on Pinterest. But honestly, lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with my many options. And so, just recently, I planted the idea of living a more minimalistic lifestyle in my mind. We’ll see what grows out of that...🌱

But, back to buttons! The point is, I have many and I felt I needed to use them. I am sure there are more than a few of you out there with the same thoughts.

The buttons I have are all of the fun and colorful variety. No mending happening at my house. So, I made the most fun button and bead collage ever. And I want to share with you how I did it.

Step 1:

Choose a design and draw it in pencil on your canvas.

Step 2:

Paint the background.

You always want to start with the background so your main objects are painted over. Makes sense.

Step 3:

Start painting the rest of your design.

Keep this part simple. You're going to be covering it up with the same colored buttons and beads, so just plain, solid colors.

I wasn't worried about brush strokes showing since they were soon going to be hidden.

Step 4:

Using a paint stick (or just a brush with paint), outline the different shapes in your design.

This was important in defining the shapes and breaking up the colored buttons.

Step 5:

Go thru your buttons and group the colors you need.

Step 6:

Squeeze a good layer of gel glue over the entire space that you plan to do first. This should be one color grouping.

Using gel glue is super important because it takes much longer to dry and therefore you won't have to keep adding glue while you add layers of buttons and beads.

Step 7:

Add your bigger buttons, leaving room for the smaller ones and beads.

Then add the smaller ones, still leaving room.

Step 8:

Add seed beads between the buttons. Bigger ones first, then smaller, if you have two sizes.

Step 9:

If you happen to have microbeads, add those too.

Step 9:

Let the section you just worked on dry before going to the next.

Step 10:

Between sections, leave the outline you created showing.

And should your beads escape the outline and go over, gently push them back with your finger or another tool.

Step 11:

As a final touch, outline the whole canvas with a paint stick (or a paintbrush and paint.)

Now add it to your fall decor or wall, for all the time, because it's awesome 😄


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