DIY Fall Embellishments for Your Front Door!

This could be a little embarrassing, but I didn't know that front doors were usually made with metal. Did any of you? It makes sense, for safety's sake, but it was never something I knew as common knowledge.

I got really excited when I found out. Because do you know what it means? It means you can stick magnets on your front door!

And I love making magnets. They can be anything! All you have to do is glue on a magnet.

And that is what this fun and easy - and by the way, cheap - tutorial is going to show you.

And now is the season for fall decor. What's better, DIY dollar store fall decor. And while you can get everything at the Dollar Tree, I added links at the bottom to get the supplies on Amazon, in case you don't live near a Dollar Tree.

And if you want to check out an ingenious Dollar Tree fall decor hack, check out this post from Daily DIY Life.

Step 1

Choose the leaves you want to use.

Step 2

Paint on a coat of fabric stiffener to each leaf to make them sturdier, less flimsy.

If you don’t have fabric stiffener, I wouldn’t worry about it. They’ll still work regardless.

Step 3

If you chose to use fabric stiffener, cut the excess around the leaf if needed.

Step 4

Add a dollop of glue to the center of each leaf.

I found it easier to lay out all the leaves and add glue to them all at one.

Step 5

Add one rhinestone to the glue on each leaf.

I used fall colored rhinestones, but who says fall can’t be more colorful?

Step 6

Add some glitter glue to the veins of the leaves and let dry.

Again, I chose more fall colored glitter glue.

Step 7

Flip your leaves over and add another dollop of glue to the center of each one.

Step 8

Stick one button magnet on your glue dollop.

I was so excited when I saw these magnets at the Dollar Tree 😀.

Once they’re dry, you can have a great time figuring out how you want them to look on your front door!

For more seasonal porch crafts check out my raincloud suncatcher and recycled plastic flower lights tutorials.

And if you need to get the supplies on Amazon...


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