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DIY Conversation Hearts Magnets: Valentines Day Craft

Since I made my first magnet craft intended for front doors, I decided to make different ones for all the seasons and holidays. I thought it was a creative way to take advantage of the fact most front doors are metal. So, I hope yours is too.

It took me a minute to decide what I wanted to do for Valentines Day. But when I realized I had little foam alphabet stickers, I knew that conversation hearts would be perfect.

Plus - I got nearly all the supplies at the Dollar tree 😀

Make conversation hearts for your front door

  • Foam sheets in bright colors

  • Foam alphabet stickers

  • Button magnets

  • Acrylic sealer

Supplies to make valentines day craft

Step 1

Cut some heart shapes out of the foam sheets

Make craft foam hearts

Step 2

Dump out your foam letters so you can start putting them in phrases

Foam letters craft

Step 3

Put some phrases together

Foam letters for valentines craft

Step 4

Make sure you remove the middle pieces of your foam letters

Foam letters craft

Step 5

Remove the back paper on the letters and stick them on your heart

Conversation heart DIY

If your worried about placing them right, split the word in half and stick the middle letters down first, close to the heart center:

Use foam to make conversation hearts

Create as many as you want:

Foam conversation hearts DIY

Step 5

To give your hearts some sparkle, add glitter glue around the edges

Make sparkly conversation hearts

Step 6

After your glitter glue has dried, glue on a magnet button to the back of each one

Make heart magnets for valentines day

heart magnets for valentines day

Last step

Spray your hearts with an acrylic sealer - especially if you’re going to stick them on your front door.

Make conversation hearts for valentines day

Now stick them on your front door for all to see!

DIY valentines day decor

DIY conversation hearts magnets for valentines day
DIY Valentines Magnets to Decorate Your Front Door

DIY Conversation hearts made with craft foam


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