DIY Snowflake Decor to Celebrate the Rest of Winter

Just because Christmas and all the other holidays are over doesn't mean we can't keep making fun decor for the winter season.

So I continued my series of front door magnet decor by making a bunch of sparkling and embellished snowflakes.

So when you take down all your holiday decorations, you can make and put up these easy snowflake magnets that will stick on your front door (most folks have metal front entrances.)

Step 1

Grab yourself a snowflake template. Alternatively you can make your own snowflake using the folded method.

Download • 152KB

Step 2

Use a cricut to cut them out - or cut them by hand.

Step 3

This is how many I cut out - but it's up to you how many you want on your door.

Step 4:

Use glitter Mod Podge to paint them all. You can choose to let them dry now, but it's not crucial for the next step.

Step 5

Use your blue and/or gold glitter glue to decorate the snowflakes a little bit and let them dry.

Step 6

Once dry, arrange your snowflakes into a laminating sleeve. You can also use contact paper.

Step 7

Run it through your laminator - or use the contact paper to laminate them all.

Step 8

Begin to cut them out.

You don't have to cut near the edge. Give some room so they stay in tact.

Step 9

Flip your snowflakes over and glue a magnet in the middle.

I got these magnets at Dollar Tree.

Step 10

Last step is to glue a large sized rhinestone in the middle of the front of your snowflake.

And once their all dry, you're good to stick them on your front door!

I also put mine in the form a snowflake which I thought was pretty cool:

Get some supplies on Amazon:


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