How to Make a Beaded Spiral Ornament Before Christmas

For those of you who might have some days off before Christmas and still want to keep busy with holiday crafting, you'll love making these spiral ornaments.

They're surprisingly easy to make and they look like something that could be store bought. In my opinion, anyway.

Step 1

Turn the end of your wire into a ring.

I used one of those rounded jewelry pliers. They're very handy.

Step 2

Thread a piece of thinner wire or even thread through your crystal dangle.

Step 3

Twist or tie the crystal onto the loop you made in step 1

Step 4

Cut the wire so you have plenty of room to spiral it later.

Step 5

Start adding beads.

I strung mine in a pattern.

Step 6

Keep stringing your beads until you've got a good length going.

I'm willing to bet that if you were to wrap your wire around anything cylindrical, you could shape it how you want.

But I went in search of something that tapered...

It's the end stake to one of our Halloween decorations, ha ha.

Step 7

Using something tapered, or just cylindrical, start wrapping your beaded wire starting from the top.

Step 8

Wrap it around to the bottom.

Step 9

Gently pull it off.

Step 10

Stretch it out a little until its got a nice shape.

Step 11

Make another loop at the end for hanging.

All you need now is your paperclip to hang it on your tree!

As well as adding them to your tree last minute, you can also make them as a gift for your neighbor or mail person you may have not thought about yet.

Plus, after it adorns your tree for the next week or two, you can hang it in a window and no one will be the wiser.

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