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Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Fantastic Easter Eggs Decorations from Styrofoam

This Easter craft project will show you how to make beautiful eggs with a foam clay technique that involves covering the egg's outer surface with a layer of foam clay and then covering the egg with flat-back pearls.

make unique easter egg decorations

Foam clay is a product I discovered when a kit was given to my son for a birthday, and it is so fun!

It is air dry, and that always makes things easy. But the best part is what it's like after it dries. It dries into something soft and slightly squishy, just like other craft foam products. It's so cool.

What will they come up with next?

decorated egg craft supplies

Step 1 - Cover eggs with foam clay

cover styrofoam egg with clay

Cover the egg completely with a layer of foam clay. The thickness of the clay should be around a quarter of an inch.

Step 2 - Even out the clay

diy foam clay eggs

Roll the egg around on all sides using the palm of your hand and a flat surface to even out the clay.

clay covered egg

It doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 3 - Add flat-backed pearls

add glue to halfback pearl

Grab a flat-backed pearl and add a dab of glue to the back.

add pearls to easter egg decor

Gently push the pearls into the clay just a little.

pearl decorated easter egg

Use various colors and sizes of flat-backed pearls to cover the entire egg.

clay and pearl easter egg

You might want to roll your egg around again with the palm of your hand to even things out.

Depending on the thickness of your egg, doing it could embed the pearls deeper into the egg, which could be a look you like even more.

diy pearl jeweled easter eggs

These were fun to make, so I made several.

basket of diy decorated jeweled eggs for easter

These pearly eggs can be arranged in a basket as fun Easter decor. It also makes an adorable gift that people will enjoy receiving during the holidays.

See for some DIY easter basket ideas.

diy decorated easter eggs

This Easter craft project is simple yet fun and will help you create some truly one-of-a-kind eggs. By using just foam clay and flat-back pearls, you can easily turn faux eggs into something magical.

Also, if you like decorating faux easter eggs, please check out my tutorial on how to decorate fake eggs for Easter using scrap fabric.

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make decorative easter eggs

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