How to Use Fake Flowers to Decorate for Spring

Who wants a fun, simple, and creative way to decorate for spring?

For the last 6 months or so I’ve created seasonal magnets to decorate my front door. And now I’m continuing with door magnets for this time of year.

So, let’s create something that will last throughout the season by putting some fake flowers together made of silk and/or paper. Plus, there are some creative ways we can decorate the center of the flower giving it that creative handmade touch.

Step 1

Take your flowers in both sizes and match them up in the combination you want before you start gluing them together.

I used a combination of paper and mulberry paper flowers.

Step 2

Using your glue gun, add a dollop of glue to a magnet button.

Step 3

Add your bottom flower to the magnet.

Step 4

Next, using more glue, add the top flower.

Step 5

Now, add a decent-sized dollop of the hot glue to the center of the top flower.

Step 6

While the glue is still hot, sprinkle some seed beads over the flower and glue.

Step 7

Shake off the excess and let dry.

Instead of seed beads, you could also use glitter.

Or large rhinestones.

Another idea that is super easy is to get some fake flowers from the dollar store and use those instead of making the flowers yourself.

You just pop the flower part off the stem, turn it over and you'll see a pokey thing under the flower.

Just cut that part off and glue the flower to a magnet.

Look how cute the magnets are on my front door:

With some of the extra dollar store magnets, I stuck them on peoples mailboxes in my neighborhood 🌸

Buy the supplies on Amazon:


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