How to Make a Sparkling Springtime Feather Garland

We still have a month and a half left of spring. That’s plenty of time to give your porch or garden some springtime decoration.

I had originally intended to describe it as a decoration for spring barbecues. But since social gatherings have been curbed for the time being, I still think you and your family or housemates deserve to be cheered up with sparkly pastel feathers 🤗.

This is a super easy craft project, and it will give you something to fill up your day for an afternoon.


Step 1:

Paint half of your white feather a pastel color and let dry.

Step 2:

Once the color is dry, paint over it with some acrylic glitter glaze.

I put a coat on each side of the blue half so it would sparkle from any angle.

Step 3:

Repeat the process using different spring colors.

I used 4 colors and made 3 feathers per color.

Step 4:

Measure your string out to leave some room to hang it later.

I used sparkly string so it would sparkle with the feathers.

Step 5:

Having your string ready, dab some super glue onto one of your feathers.

I used super glue because it was the only way I could keep the string attached. You might know a better way.

Step 6:

Wrap your string around the feather stem, leaving enough string on the end for hanging it up later.

Step 7:

Hang them and enjoy the rest of spring!

Also, check out my tutorial on how to make a garland of flowers made out of recycled plastic.

I hope you all can enjoy the rest of the spring during this craziness. Enjoying the outdoors and everything blooming in it is one of the few normal things we can still enjoy. I'm going to try and appreciate that fact as often as I can.

A tree in my backyard just starting to get this years leaves

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