DIY Fun and Colorful Cabinet Knobs

I have been wanting to make my own cabinet knobs for forever now. I love the look of old furniture that has been colorfully tweaked somehow. I went through a big phase of furniture embellishing. They were destroyed in the fire, however 😥.

But we survived! I made over a chair that also survived. You can see the tutorial, plus a little about the fire, here.

But, back to knobs. I had to look on Amazon to find some plain, flat ones. They came in a bag of 12, I believe. A little paint, beads and resin later and you got something colorful and wonderful.

So, let's get this party started and make some knobs. Heck yes.


Step 1

Choose a design to paint your knobs.

This took me forever, but I found some cool tile designs on Pinterest that I turned into circular patterns on my iPad using the Goodnotes app.

Step 2

Print your design and grab some tracing paper if you don't want to freehand your design. Use it to trace the pattern onto your knob.

Step 3

Choose your colors.

I went a little overkill here. I took a pic of my knobs and colored them using the Pixelmator app to choose my colors. I outlined one knob in black to see how I liked it. I chose no outline.

Step 4:

Paint your knobs.

Step 5

Squeeze a line of glue around the edge of your knob.

I put some glue in a squeeze bottle, to make a thinner line.

Step 6

Place seed beads on the glue, to make a frame around your knob.

Let dry.

Step 7

Fill the middle with resin.

I had purchased some of that UV resin and thought I'd give it a try since the resin wouldn't be that thick - plus I wanted to try it out.

Step 8

Cure your resin by putting it in the sun (it cures really fast, so don't go outside until it's fully applied.) can use a manicure UV light.

I also wanted to try out the manicure UV light.

Step 9

Paint the sides with resin a third at a time and cure.

Step 10

Marvel at the beautiful knobs you've made.

Step 11

Replace the old, boring knobs on your cabinet or another piece of furniture.

So, I had wanted to find a cute little, used cabinet to add these to. But with all the goodwill stores closed due to COVID, I replaced the knobs on my old desk, which didn't look as wonderful.

I'm sure it will look much cuter on what you choose - especially since goodwill stores are open again.

Any questions?

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