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DIY Fun and Colorful Cabinet Knobs

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make DIY cabinet or drawer knobs or drawer pulls by painting plain wooden ones, embellishing them with beads, and adding a coat of resin.

I love the look of old furniture that has been colorfully tweaked somehow. I love furniture embellishing (see my paper-tiled table and chair makeover tutorials).

How do you make custom drawer pulls?

How do you make decorative door knobs?

You can make decorative door knobs in a number of ways:

  • You can decorate an already existing door knob. Ones made of plain ceramic or wood are easy to paint.

  • You can make door knobs from scratch if you’re experienced at iron or woodworking.

  • Or you can turn an object of roughly the size needed into a simple door knob by attaching a screw to go through the door and using a nut to keep it in place.

And for creative uses for extra knobs, check out the 21 ideas on Apartment Therapy.

diy drawer knobs supplies

Step 1

Choose a design to paint your knobs.

This took me forever, but I found some cool tile designs on Pinterest that I turned into circular patterns on my iPad using the Goodnotes app.

drawer pulls diy cool ideas

Step 2

Print your design and grab some tracing paper if you don't want to freehand your design. Use it to trace the pattern onto your plain wooden knob.

how to decorate drawer knobs

diy drawer pulls ideas

decorative drawer pulls

How do you make custom drawer pulls?

Step 3

Choose your colors.

I went a little overkill here. I took a pic of my knobs and colored them using the Pixelmator app to choose my colors. I outlined one knob in black to see how I liked it. I chose no outline.

How do you paint drawer knobs?

Step 4:

Paint your knobs.

Can you paint drawer knobs?

How do you paint wooden drawer knobs?

Step 5

Squeeze a line of glue around the edge of your knob.

I put some glue in a squeeze bottle to make a thinner line.

diy drawer knobs how to make

Step 6

Place seed beads on the glue to make a frame around your knob.

diy drawer knobs ideas

diy drawer pulls ideas how to make

Let dry.

Step 7

Fill the middle with resin.

I had purchased some of that UV resin and thought I'd give it a try since the resin wouldn't be that thick - plus, I wanted to try it out. It worked great, and I used it again for these

drawer pulls diy cool ideas

Step 8

Cure your resin by putting it in the sun (it cures really fast, so don't go outside until it's fully applied.) can use a manicure UV light.

I also wanted to try out the manicure UV light. It also worked well, though I had to push start a few times as it only lights up for a minute.

Step 9

Paint the sides with resin a third at a time and cure.

drawer pulls diy wooden

Step 10

Marvel at the beautiful knobs you've made.

diy wooden handle drawer pulls

Step 11

Replace the old, boring knobs on your cabinet or another piece of furniture.

I had wanted to find a cute little used cabinet to add these to. But with all the goodwill stores closed due to COVID, I replaced the knobs on my old desk, which didn't look as wonderful.

How do you make custom cabinet knobs?

How do you make custom cabinet knobs?

How do you paint wooden cabinet knobs?

decorative drawer pulls

I'm sure it will look much cuter on what you choose - especially since goodwill stores are open again.

Any questions?

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