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DIY Earrings Made Out of Stickers!

I think you guys are going to love this craft project. Especially those who love making little charms and such.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make earrings and/or charms out of stickers and paper. And if you’re a crafter reading this, I’m sure you have many cute stickers in your crafts collection. I know I have too many.

To make your stickers sturdy and worth wearing again, we’ll coat the stickers in resin. It’s pretty easy if you use the UV resin as I did.

Mine turned out so neat that I made several as just charms.

Let me show you...

Make jewelry with stickers.

I also used a rotary tool to drill the holes in them. A regular drill would work if you have a small enough bit.

DIY earrings supplies

Step 1:

Find some stickers and scrapbook paper to match the other side of the sticker.

Earrings made of paper

Step 2

Take the sticker off the backing and stick on to the back of the scrapbook paper.

DIY sticker earrings

Step 3

Next, you’re going to cut around the shape of the sticker. So, this might be more tedious depending on the sticker.

Paper earrings tutorial

Step 4

Grab your resin. Using an eyedropper - or whatever tool you like using - and carefully add the resin to the sticker. You want to try to get as close to the edge as you can, but if it accidentally leaks over, I'll show you some ways you can fix it.

I used UV resin because I think it’s just easier, but you could also mix up some two-part resin instead. I also used a silicone mat called a doing tray, but the one I got didn't seem very useful.

Cover paper with resin tutorial

You want it to look like this. See how the resin is domed?

Resin doming for diy paper earrings.

Step 5

If you use UV resin, especially, you can carefully take your resined stickers outside in the sun and they'll dry in no time. I know that the sun will quicken the drying time for two-part resin also.

However, if you can't take your stickers outside and you're using the UV resin, you can get one of those UV lights made for fingernails. I did it both ways.

Use UV light for resin

Step 6

Once your sticker side is completely dry, check to see if any resin slipped over. If it did, you can cut off the excess and then file it down to make it smooth. Don't file over the image tho, it will scratch and blur it.

I think that doing this on a regular silicone mat would have been a lot easier for this instance, honestly.

Step 7

Now you want to flip over your sticker and resin the backside with the scrapbook paper and let it dry.

Making paper earrings

Step 8

Now we need to make the hole for the jump ring to go through.

I used a rotary tool to make my hole, but first I needed to make a little divot so that the drill bit wouldn't go all over the place.

Paper earrings diy tutorial

You don't need to make it deep, just enough for the drill bit to slip into:

paper earrings diy

Step 9

Using a small drill bit, drill into the mark you just made.

How to make holes for homemade earrings.

You should get a little hole like this:

How to make charms and jewelry out of paper

Step 10

Now add your jump rings or earring hooks if you're making earrings.

How to make homemade earrings

And there you go! You've now got awesome handmade earrings - or charms 😃. And if you love making earrings, check out this diamond painting earrings tutorial.

Use stickers to make earrings.

Since these turn out so neat I made some earrings...

Use paper and stickers to make earrings.

And charms too!

How to make earrings and charms out of paper.

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Also, please see all my jewelry and accessories tutorials!

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You can use stickers to make earrings! Here's how...
How to make homemade earrings

DIY earrings made with stickers.


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