DIY Diamond Painting Earrings

A couple of months ago, I decided to check out what this diamond-painting hobby was I kept coming across. To me, it looked like paint by numbers, only instead of paint, you use little pieces of plastic. And that is one way to look at it. I also saw it compared to cross-stitching, but with the bits of plastic. Craftibly has a blog post with all the details.

I decided to get a kit off amazon. I chose to get a kit that included little plastic mandalas to diamond paint. You would then use them as keychains. This kit used rhinestones as it's "bits of plastic", versus a solid, colored square. And while I was making my first one, I thought it would be fun and possible to make my own diamond painting design.

I ended up finishing one side of my mandala keychain. But after my son decided it would be a good idea to mix up the rhinestones, my motivation to finish waned a little. And that left me with plenty of rhinestones to make my own little version of a diamond painting.

Step 1:

Find the center of your wood slice.

Step 2:

Mark it across both ways so your design is even.

Step 3:

Draw your mandala design on the wood slice in pencil

Step 4:

Erase any dark lines.

Step 5:

Figure out where the best place to drill the hole for the jump ring and drill a small hole.

Step 6:

Color in your mandala with colored pencils.

Fill in the whole piece with color

Step 7:

Add a dollop of mod podge or glue to your wood piece and add the rhinestone.

Step 8

Using a gem grabbing tool or tweezers, pick up single rhinestones to put on your wood slice.

Step 9:

Put the corresponding colored rhinestone as is what is colored on your mandala.

You can use different sizes and shapes of rhinestones throughout your mandala.

Step 9:

Once the rhinestone setting glue is dry, spray both pieces with a clear varnish.

Step 10:

Add the jump ring and earring hook.

I'll be honest, I don't have pierced ears anymore and due to the pandemic, I don't have a model for them. But when you go out to the store or even around your house, you can wear them proudly.

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