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How to Make a Mixed Media Pendants from Gift Tags

Hello, my friends.

Today I want to show you a project that I got addicted to making. And I hope you'll love them as much.

I call this project making mixed media pendants. Some of you might not know about mixed media as much. The definition is "the use of a variety of material in art." You can also apply the term to digital media, but that's a whole different thing.

So as the definition described, we'll be making pendants that include a variety of fun materials. And as the base of the pendant, we will use small chipboard gift tags. Isn't that fun?

Create pretty embellished pendants out of gift tags

Step 1

Find all the chipboard tags you have or get some on Amazon.

I have quite a collection of far too much, so I happened to have on hand a variety of shapes and sizes. I added a dime in the picture so you could see what sizes I chose.

Use chipboard tags for jewelry

Step 2

This part takes some planning if you decide to make several at once.

We're going to be covering the front of the tag with patterned scrapbook paper.

So, if you're making a few, pick out some different scrapbook paper for each one and decide what paper you want to use for each tag.

I used my scrap pieces of paper.

Cover chipboard tags with scrapbook papers

Step 3

Now you choose what color of craft paint you want the back of the pendant to be. Before you attach the scrapbook paper, paint the back a complimentary color to the paper.

Paint chipboard tags and cover with scrapbook paper

Step 4

When the back paint is dry, flip the tag over and add some more paint around the edges of the front, because we're cutting the scrapbook paper just a little bit smaller than the tag.

Paint gift tags

Step 5

The last step with the back of the tag is to give it a coat of glaze medium to help protect it.

Glaze tags for pendants

Step 6

Once your tags are all dry, match them back up to their corresponding scrapbook paper.

Making scrapbook paper pendants

Step 7

Put your tag on top of the back of the scrapbook paper it goes with. Take a pencil and trace the tag on the paper.

Make pendants out of tags

Step 8

Cut out the traced shape from the scrapbook paper, but try your best to cut just a little bit on the inside.

Cut paper shapes for jewelry

Step 9

Attach the scrapbook paper to the front of the tag using mod podge or something similar.

Decoupage jewelry

You can also put a coat on the front of the paper.

Decoupage pendants

In this next photo, you can see why you wanted to cut the paper just a little smaller.

Pendant tags

Since most chipboard shapes are a little rounded around the edges, we cut it smaller so that the paper fits and won't bunch at the edges.

Step 10

At this point, we're going to poke a needle through the paper where the hole of the tag is. This way we can add a chain or jump ring to it later.

Creating chipboard jewelry

Step 11

Now, for the most fun part of the project! - and the reason we can call it mixed media. Go and collect any embellishments you need or want to decorate the tag. This could be glitter, glitter glue, puffy paint, charms, scrapbook stickers, or embellishments - go crazy seeing what you can find to use.

Embellished pendants diy
Creating layered pendants diy

Use die-cuts for jewelry
Layered paper jewelry diy

Use embellishments for jewelry
Make mixed media jewelry

Mini button pendants diy
Make layered mixed media necklace pendants

Step 12

We're not done yet. After everything is dry on our pendants, we have to pour a coat of diamond glaze over the top. This amazing product gives a thick, clear coat over all sorts of bumpy things. It's like a low-tech resin coating.

Make dimensional jewelry

I put some of my diamond glaze into a smaller squeeze bottle for better control.

Below, two tags are drying on a silicone drying mat.

Make beautiful mixed media pendants

Then let it dry.

After your diamond glaze is dry, marvel at all your amazing homemade pendants!

I actually plan to sell a few on Etsy and you could do the same thing 💰.

DIY jewelry pendants

Add a chain and show them off!

Necklace by artsy karma Heather McClelland

Also, please see all my jewelry and accessories tutorials!

Buy the supplies on Amazon:

Make pendants out of gift tags
DIY unique embellished mixed media pendants

Create embellished mixed media pendants



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