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How to Make a Winter Time Polymer Clay Garland

I am going to show you how to make an easy polymer clay garland that uses scrapbook embellishments to make it a super fun seasonal decoration.

I will also give you a few ideas on some variations you could do in case you have limited supplies or hate snowflakes, ha ha.

DIY snowflake clay garland

Supplies to make winter garland

Step 1

Soften some white polymer clay and then roll it out flat to about 1/8th thickness.

Rolling out polymer clay

If you have a pasta or clay machine, you can use that instead.

Step 2

Use a cookie cutter to make small round discs of clay.

Make enough for however long a garland you want, but keep in mind that you'll be sandwiching these coins, so make double the amount you think you'll need.

Polymer clay discs

Step 3

Bake the clay as the instructions say.

Step 4

Paint one side of each clay disc with white metallic - or pearlescent - paint.

How to paint polymer clay

And let it dry.

Step 5

Add one snowflake embellishment in the center of each shiny disc.

DIY snowflake decorations

Clay snowflake embellishments

Step 6

Grab two discs. Turn one over and liberally apply some strong glue all over the back of the disc.

DIY clay decorations

Step 7

Lay the string you're using across the gluey disc.

DIY  clay garland

Step 8

Add a little more glue to the top of the string on your disc, and then stick your second disc on top, sandwiching the string.

Making snowflake embellishments for winter decor

If you have quilt clips or clothes pins, you could keep pressure on the two discs to make sure they bond together tightly where the string is.

DIY clay snowflake embellishments


  • You don't do this project just in winter. You can use any colors and whatever embellishments you may have for any occasion.

  • And if you do love snowflakes but don't have any embellishments, you can cut out some snowflakes yourself and decoupage them to the clay discs. Add some rhinestones, and you've made your own embellishments!

And here is my finished garland:

Winter garland decoration diy

I hung it outside so everyone could see. Plus, we didn't have our tree up yet 😜.

Snowflake decoration for winter

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DIY snowflake garland for winter decor
make diy glittery clay snowflakes

Winter decor polymer clay snowflake garland


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