How Can COVID 19 Inspire Creativity?

I'm not going to list the amount of suffering that COVID 19 has caused and will continue to cause.

But as a Buddhist, I've been taught to try and keep calm and to not unessesarily stress myself out.

Watching the news, scrolling facebook, allowing notifications on my phone would all lead to anxiety that I would rather live without. Dont get me wrong tho - I have plenty of folks who tell me the need-to-know's and how to keep safest.

Without constant worrying, I'm able to stay creative. In fact, COVID has actually inspired a couple of projects...

As you can see above, we made masks out of felt...

And then we decorated them!

My son Ben made a rainbow with puffy paint...

And I glued a felt mustache and tounge....

I thought it was pretty funny 🤣.

And seeing how theres so much craziness outside and folks must be stressed and scared, I painted some rocks with inspirational messages...

My family and I left these rocks around our neighborhood so others could see our messages.

I hope these things bring you all a little inspiration - both for your creative muscles and hopefully your heart ❤️.

Please try to be happy and safe in your homes. Like my rock says Life is tough, but so are we!


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