Embossed Resist Background Technique

Here’s A technique that will utilize your handy embossing machine.

In case you don’t have one yet, I’ll tell you a bit about what they do. They emboss a design or pattern onto a piece of cut card stock by placing the piece of card stock into a folder with the raised design. You then run the folder thru the machine which squishes the design onto the card stock leaving a raised impression of the design. They vary in price, but you can get a small one under $40. They’re most popular amongst card makers. But I like to use them for artist trading cards or to glue the embossed paper into my art journals.

So, here we go:

  • Card stock

  • Spray ink

  • Ink pads

  • Embossing machine

First, you want to cut your card stock so that it will fit in the embossing folders. They’re surprisingly small.

Then you spray the card stock with your glimmer mist or ink spray of your choice.

I like to use more than one color.

After that dries, grab your embossing machine and folders and run the card stock and folder through your machine.

You should get a raised impression like this:

Then you lightly rub your ink pad over the raised impression.

It ends up looking really cool.

I found that the distress ink pads worked way better. But here I used a thicker ink pad in gold.

And here they all are:

Buy the supplies on Amazon:

And here are two more background techniques that use spray inks:


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