Use Texture Paste and Stencils for Mixed Media Backgrounds

If you haven't used texture paste (sometimes modeling paste) before, I suggest you get some and try it out.

Most texture paste works the same, tho there are some that include extra ingredients, like glass beads or sand. They all add the extra medium to the surface of your work.

And putting this extra texture through a stencil and adding color can look really cool. check it out below.

Start with a piece of card stock or an art journal:

Now grab a stencil and put it over your paper or page

Use a palette knife or a butter knife to spread the texture paste over the stencil and paper:

After you've got your stencil mostly full, you can scrape along the top to create a more even look:

Remove the stencil and let it dry:

Once it's dry, paint your textured paper with some acrylic craft paint. It's better if you paint it a color that's lighter than the ink spray you'll use.

You can wait for it to dry if you want, but I did this next step while it was still wet.

now you want to grab some ink spray - I made my own using alcohol ink and mica powder. Pick a color that goes well with and is darker than your first color.

You can see how the ink will go around the textured parts and really make them pop out.

I did this technique a few more times:

Get the supplies on Amazon:


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