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Easy DIY Fabric Flower Bouquet for a Handmade Centerpiece this Fall

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple flower bouquet with artificial flowers that you'll make with fabric and wire.

This is a perfect autumn craft project to decorate your table. And it gives you a reason to dig through, play with, and use up your fabric scraps.

This project is pretty easy, and it requires no sewing. Yay! We'll also be using some dollar store supplies, so who can beat that?

Create a fall bouquet with easy DIY fabric flowers

Supplies needed to make Fabric Flowers:

Supplies to make fabric flowers

Which fabric is good for making flowers?

Luckily for us, the fabric you use shouldn't matter much with how we make these flowers. This is a perfect project to be using up whatever fabric scraps you've got.

What you need to be on the lookout for in the fabric are autumn and fall patterns and colors.

I dug through my fabric bins and set aside anything that I thought might qualify:

  • yellow

  • brown

  • red

  • orange

  • and every combination of those colors

To make the flowers scrappy, you'll want to collect as many different fabric pieces that go with the autumn theme as you have.

Most of my fabric is cotton, but I even found some silky polyester in the right colors and added them too.

Because you're only using a small piece of fabric per petal, you could also try burlap, lace, or anything that isn't too thick.

How to make a no-sew fabric flower

Step 1

Cut the length of your craft wire about 10-12 inches long and bend it in half. Or bend and then cut 😉.

Making wire flowers

Step 2

Make a teardrop shape with the wire, keeping it around three inches long by twisting the two ends together. This will be the form for the petal.

Shaping wire to make DIY flowers

Make at least four of these for now.

Step 3

Cut a square of fabric 3 or 4 inches on each side. You want the fabric to be able to cover the wire shapes you just made.

Cutting fabric to make flowers

Step 4

Cut three more pieces of fabric using different scraps of the other colors and patterns.

After that, you should have four different fabric squares and 4 of wire petals.

Attaching wire and fabric to make flowers

Step 5

Run a line of strong epoxy-like adhesive over the entire round part of the wire petal. Make sure you don't put glue on the longer twisted part.

Wire and fabric adhesive

Step 6

Lay the glue-covered side of the wire petal onto the backside of one of the pieces of the fabric.

Making fabric and wire flower petals

Step 7

Press the wire down on all sides so that the fabric adheres to the wire all around.

Wire and fabric flower

I ended up grabbing a pie slicer so that I wouldn't get glue all over my fingers:

DIY flower with wire and fabric

Do this to all four of your petals.

Making fabric flowers

Step 8

Once the glue has dried, you can start cutting around the outside of the wire.

Making a wire and fabric flower

It should end up looking like this:

Wire and fabric flower petal

Step 9

Before we start shaping and putting the flowers together, you will need to remove the flower heads from a dollar-store bouquet of flowers. Make sure you remove them all because it's the stems we're after.

Removing heads from fake flowers

Step 10

Now it's time to shape the petals a little. Start by squeezing in a little on both sides.

How to make a fabric and wire flower

Next, you're going to bend back at the top and the bottom.

Shaping a wire and fabric flower

Step 11

Take one of the stems from the dollar store bouquet and twist the end of the wires on the petals down and around it.

How to add fabric flower to a stem

Add the other three, one at a time.

Adding fabric flower to a stem.

Attaching fabric flower to a stem.

Step 12

Wrap floral tape (can also get at the dollar store) all around where the wire is showing on the stem and a little below to the top of where the flower starts. This will attach the flower to the stem.

Attaching fabric flowers to stems

Now go and make more flowers for the rest of the stems!

DIY bouquet of fabric flowers

Wouldn't this be great to put on the table at Thanksgiving?

DIY fall fabric flowers

For more no-sew fabric flower ideas, see a collection of them at Sew Guide.

And then go see all my colorful adult craft projects!

It would be amazing if you could share this idea!!

DIY fabric flowers craft for fall

Create a fall bouquet with easy DIY fabric flowers


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