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DIY Keychains Using Resin and DIY Stickers - Picture Tutorial

This craft project is a bit involved, but creating a DIY custom keychain would make an amazing homemade gift for anyone who appreciates that sort of thing.

And for those of you who like a challenge, this project ends with incredible results.

For those of you who don’t, I hope this tutorial inspires you to try something new, even if it isn’t this project exactly.

There are fun supplies and techniques to try, including using clear inkjet sticker paper, acrylic shapes, and resin.

I’m excited to share it all with you.

Make your own unique keychain

Look at how awesome the Keychain above is. I’m very proud, haha.

Below is an image of the sticker paper and the box of acrylic tags I bought:

Supplies needed to make a diy keychain

The tags came with keychains and little tassels.

There are links at the bottom to get the supplies on Amazon.

Step 1

Pick out some images online that you’d like to use for a keychain. Use whatever software program you have to resize them to fit on the acrylic tag you have.

I used the program GoodNotes on my iPad. It allowed me to draw a circle and so I could see how the image would fit. But I know you can use Word to resize images. That’s how I did it pre-pad.

Designing diy stickers

Step 2

Print out your image(s) on the clear inkjet sticker paper.

Diy clear stickers

Put your printed images aside while you take the next steps.

Step 3

The acrylic tags come with a film piece adhered to both sides to prevent scratching. Remove the film on one side.

Remove layer of film from acrylic block

Step 4

Paint the exposed side with white nail polish. Let dry.

I found that the clear image stickers don't show up very well without a light color behind them. So, painting a white background makes the image pop. Plus, when you place the sticker on the other side, you can see the image's shadow on the white background. It's cool.

Paint the acrylic tag with nail polish

I happened to use gel nail polish, which requires UV light to set, so you can totally just leave it out in the sun for a few minutes. Or, like I did, put it under a UV nail light.

Drying nail polish under a UV light.

The link that says “white nail polish” in the supply list will take you to the Amazon listing for the gel kind. The nail polish image link at the bottom of this page goes to regular nail polish, so you don't have to worry about any UV requirements.

Step 4

Now remove the other side's film.

Remove the film off your acrylic tag

Step 5

Pick up your printed stickers and cut out the image you want to use. Cut about a quarter-inch around the image so that it fits in your shape.

I printed many images so I could make multiple keychains and use them for whatever other projects they would be fun for.

Cut out your diy sticker

Step 6

Carefully remove the backing of the sticker.

I must admit, this part was a little frustrating. I'm sure many of you who have made any type of printable stickers know what I mean.

Peel off your diy sticker

Step 7

Carefully place your image on the tag, being mindful of what direction you put it in so your image is right side up when dangled later.

Put your diy sticker on the tag

Your keychain with the sticker on it.

Step 8

Add glitter glue or other tiny embellishments to add to your image.

Decorate the image pon your keychain

Step 9

Go around the edge with puffy paint. You need a raised edge going around your tag to fill it with resin. There are other ways you can do this that I'll show you at the end.

I decided that I needed more color around the edge, so I added some more glitter glue on top of the puffy paint.

Let everything dry.

Step 10

Now, cover your image and everything with UV resin. Add enough so it covers the whole tag within the border you made with the puffy paint.

Add resin to your diy keychain

Go set your project in the sun. You won't have to wait too long. I gave mine an hour just to be sure.

Here's after mine dried:

Your diy keychain after the resin has hardened

I decided to go all out for this keychain, so I also added a layer of sparkle pink nail polish to the back over the white nail polish:

Paint the back of your keychain with nail polish

Step 11

Lastly, I also added a coat of UV resin to the back over the nail polishes to make it extra durable.

Using resin to harden your kychain

Step 12

Attach the keychain using a jump ring.

Create a keychain

Step 13

You can add a tassel (especially if you bought the kit with them included) and some beads to an eye pin.

Make a tassel for a diy keychain

Attach the beads and tassel to the keychain, and now you've got an amazing custom keychain!

DIY lotus keychain

I gave this lotus keychain to a dear friend from our temple. A lotus 🌺 is symbolic in Buddhism as it stands for rising through the muck and emerging as something beautiful, representing how we as beings can rise through the muck of suffering and become enlightened✨.

But don't go away! I made two more that I want to share.

Here is the other Buddhist keychain I made. I plan on giving it to our temple to give as a gift to traveling monks and teachers.

Diy Buddha theme keychain

I used tiny rhinestones as jewels in the bodhi tree above Buddha. I also used a green paint pen instead of white nail polish for the background. Not only that, but I used black puffy paint as the border.

And here is my galaxy keychain:

DIY space themed keychain

I made it by adding sparkle Mod Podge to the acrylic tag before the nail polish. I also added rhinestones and tiny star nail embellishments. I also used a rhinestone chain as the border.

I would love to hear what you guys think about these DIY keychains and if any of you plan to try the project out. Let me know in the comments.

Also, please see all my jewelry and accessories tutorials!

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