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Mastering the Art of Alcohol Ink on Glass: 26 Projects + Tips

Transforming glass with alcohol ink is an art form that turns simple glassware into stunning, colorful creations. This technique allows for various artistic expressions, from subtle washes of color to vibrant, complex patterns.

Whether you're looking to discover the basics of alcohol ink on glass or eager to dive into detailed craft projects, this post compiles essential guides and inspiring project ideas from various talented bloggers. From decorating glass ornaments to crafting bespoke window panels, these resources will spark your creativity and equip you with the skills to start your own glass art adventure.

A promotional collage displaying over 25 creative alcohol ink projects on glass, including ornaments, vases, and colorful glassware, highlighting the versatility and appeal of alcohol ink art.

Some of you might not be too familiar with alcohol ink...

What exactly is Alcohol ink?

Alcohol ink is a vibrant and fast-drying pigment mixed with alcohol. It is known for its intense, translucent colors and fluid motion, which makes creating abstract and watercolor-like effects on non-porous surfaces.

You can commonly find alcohol ink in two forms: little dropper bottles, markers, or pens for when you want more control over your designs.

An informative graphic showing alcohol ink available in two forms: small, colorful bottles with dropper applicators and a collection of markers and pens packed in a black carrying case

While this post is a roundup of tips and tutorials for alcohol ink on glass, alcohol ink is an amazing coloring medium that works on many other surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and glossy paper.

I have also used it to create earrings by adding alcohol ink to liquid polymer clay. And in another jewelry project, I used alcohol ink to color resin.

Learn the basics and best advice for alcohol ink on glass

A close-up view of a green alcohol ink pattern on a glass surface, showcasing intricate textures and subtle gold speckles within the ink’s flow

In an article by ART News, various brands of alcohol ink were reviewed for their performance on non-porous surfaces like glass. Notable mentions include Jacquard Piñata Color, Ranger Tim Holtz, and more, which are great options for different uses.

A promotional banner for a tutorial on applying alcohol ink on flat glass and jars, featuring examples of softly blended inks in purple and blue, with text offering easy tips for beginners

This blog post from Creative Fabrica provides a detailed guide for beginners on using alcohol ink on glass surfaces. The guide covers all aspects of the process, from selecting the necessary supplies and safety tips to preparing surfaces and the medium, and finally, the application techniques for the ink on various types of glass surfaces. It also shares tips and tricks for achieving different effects and finishes with the ink.

A step-by-step image showing a person's hand painting with a brush on a glass container, using blue alcohol ink, with a focus on the swirling blue colors blending into the clear glass

In the article on DIY Craft Club, the author provides a comprehensive guide on how to paint glass with alcohol ink. The guide includes essential steps such as prepping the glass surface, painting with alcohol ink, and sealing the artwork. It also answers common questions about using alcohol ink on glass and provides a list of necessary supplies for creating alcohol ink art on glass.

Close-up view of alcohol ink art featuring swirling patterns of green, purple, blue, and pink, demonstrating the fluid and dynamic nature of the medium

Unleash your creativity with alcohol ink art. This blog post from Nevue Fine Art Marketing provides a comprehensive guide to get you started, covering everything from what alcohol ink is to the supplies you need, paper types, color mixing techniques, and tips for best results. It also provides invaluable advice on preserving your masterpieces, ensuring they remain vibrant for years to come.

Several small square tiles with purple and pink alcohol ink patterns resting on a decorative plate

In Sarah Jane's Craft Blog, the author tests various sealants for use with alcohol ink on glass. She recommends her favorite sealers and advises against using others. The author also gives tips on how to achieve the best results.

Make colorful dish designs

Three wine glasses on a table, the first with a striking purple and blue alcohol ink design at the base, illustrating the elegant transformation possible with alcohol ink on glass.

The blog post from Taste of Purple provides an extensive guide on customizing wine glasses using alcohol ink. The article covers the nature of alcohol ink, step-by-step procedures for applying and sealing the ink on the glasses, and the materials required for the process. It also provides tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions about alcohol ink customization on wine glasses.

Three glass vessels decorated with streaks of yellow, purple, and red alcohol ink, placed on a wooden table beside a book and pink flowers, creating a vibrant and artistic display.

In a post on the Clumsy Crafter blog, the author shares a creative and eco-friendly idea for recycling old glass jars using alcohol inks. The tutorial walks through the process of transforming old jars into beautiful decorative pieces, discussing the necessary materials, techniques, and potential costs. The author emphasizes the importance of experimenting with different techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Four square plates decorated with alcohol ink, showcasing unique patterns in shades of blue, pink, and purple on a white wooden background

In a blog post on The Artisan Life, the author provides an easy-to-follow tutorial on creating beautiful, food-safe dishes using alcohol inks. The post suggests this DIY project as a great way to revamp old glass dishes or thrift store finds. The author also lists the necessary materials and a step-by-step procedure to achieve the best results.

A glass goblet painted with vibrant splashes of alcohol ink in multiple colors, creating a playful and artistic effect perfect for decorative tableware

On FeltMagnet, you can find a comprehensive guide to using alcohol ink on glass. The post provides detailed instructions for the spatter technique, including a list of necessary supplies and a step-by-step process. It also provides practical tips and safety precautions to take when working with alcohol ink. The author further shares her personal experience and ideas for DIY glass projects using alcohol ink and recommendations on where to buy the ink.

A person holding a blue alcohol ink-decorated glass with a lime wedge on the rim, alongside other brightly painted glasses, showcasing a fun and creative drinkware decoration

The blog post from Do It Your Freaking Self provides detailed DIY instructions for creating an Alcohol Ink Pitcher and Glass Set for the 4th of July. The alcohol ink project is a colorful, artistic approach to customizing pitchers and glasses for summer parties.

A decorative bowl with a detailed alcohol ink design in shades of purple and white, displaying an intricate web-like pattern that enhances the bowl's texture and appearance

This post from Design by D9 details a simple and elegant project using alcohol ink with an interesting technique. The post includes a detailed list of required supplies and steps, tips on how to get the best results, and advice on protecting and sealing your finished pieces to ensure their longevity.

Embellish with inked glass

A collection of five alcohol ink pendants hanging against a black background, each with unique, shimmering color patterns encased in ornate metal frames, ranging from pink to green and orange

On the blog Fun Crafts To Do At Home, you can find an innovative method for making faux dichroic glass pendants using crushed aluminum tin foil and alcohol inks. The post guides creating colorful and attractive pendants that resemble genuine dichroic glass jewelry. A video tutorial and a list of needed supplies are also included in the post.

A collection of brightly colored cabochons crafted with alcohol ink, displaying a variety of vibrant hues and intricate cellular patterns

The blog Color Made Happy provides a detailed tutorial on how to create Alcohol-Ink Gems. The process includes using clear flat-back glass gems, alcohol inks, and some other materials. The blog post also provides ideas for using the finished gems, such as turning them into decorative thumbtacks, magnets, or jewelry.

An artistic lamp featuring a white base with a vivid blue and teal alcohol ink design, illuminated to showcase the intricate patterns and textures

In Sue Findlay Designs' project, learn how to create a stunning Geode-style glass lamp using alcohol ink and gemstones. The post provides a detailed guide, including a video tutorial and a list of needed supplies. This DIY project is an excellent way to add a unique and artistic touch to any space.

Inked Ornaments

A collection of white Christmas ornaments painted with black alcohol ink in abstract and striped patterns, artistically arranged with pine cones and greenery for a festive display.

The blog Let's Craft Instead has a detailed tutorial on creating stunning abstract alcohol ink glass ornaments. The post walks you through the process, resulting in unique, beautiful ornaments that are perfect for the holiday season.

Three spherical Christmas ornaments decorated with alcohol ink in blue, green, and orange, each displaying unique, swirling color patterns.

The blog post from FiberArtsy provides a detailed tutorial on creating unique and vibrant Christmas ornaments using alcohol inks. The author, Annette, guides readers through the process of preparing the glass, applying the inks, and sealing the ornament for a lasting finish. She also provides helpful tips for achieving the best results and encourages readers to experiment with different color combinations.

Vibrant vases

Three glass bottles painted with blue and green alcohol ink, set in a grassy field with flowers arranged inside them, showcasing a rustic and artistic display

In her tutorial on The Monday Creative, the author shares her experience and process of creating beautifully colored glass vases using alcohol inks. She provides step-by-step instructions, from the selection of supplies to the actual application of the inks and, finally, the finishing touches with varnish. This simple and quick project is a fun and creative way to personalize glass jars.

A tall glass vase decorated with alcohol ink in shades of blue and purple, featuring speckled and blooming effects that create a vibrant, floral-inspired pattern

Discover how to create a stunning Alcohol-Ink Glass Vase with Jennifer Maker's simple step-by-step tutorial. Her guide teaches you how to use stencils to create unique designs on your vase, perfect for DIY home decor or gifting. Explore the vibrant world of alcohol inks and create a magnificent work of art with her insightful guidance.

A tall glass vase adorned with colorful alcohol ink butterflies in green, purple, and orange, demonstrating the delicate detail achievable with this medium

In a detailed blog post on Katieish, a crafting expert shares her process for creating colorful, unique designs on glass bottles using alcohol ink. She provides a comprehensive supply list, step-by-step instructions, and plenty of helpful tips for beginners. The end result is a beautiful, customized glass bottle that can serve as a vase, candleholder, or standalone piece of art.

Colorful Glass art

An artistic flow of alcohol ink blending shades of pink, blue, and turquoise, creating a dreamy, abstract pattern reminiscent of flowing water or shifting clouds

Discover the vibrant world of alcohol ink art on Dive deep into what alcohol ink is, explore the materials needed for alcohol ink art, and learn about the precautions to take when making alcohol ink art. From creating gradients to applying varnish and even making your own alcohol inks, it's all covered in this comprehensive guide.

Modern home decor featuring a framed piece of alcohol ink art in vibrant green and yellow tones

The Navage Patch presents a simple and exciting DIY project: Fired Alcohol Ink Art. This easy, quick, and affordable project involves using alcohol ink on glass, resulting in stunning art pieces. Perfect for those looking to add a burst of color to their space, no prior artistic talent is required - just some alcohol ink, fire, and a spirit of creativity!

A wooden frame showcasing a colorful alcohol ink artwork with patterns resembling cellular structures in shades of blue, green, and yellow, providing a striking abstract visual.

In this tutorial on Hearth and Vine, learn how to create a stunning piece of artwork using alcohol ink on glass. This step-by-step guide provides all the materials you'll need and detailed instructions to craft your DIY alcohol ink painting. It's a fun and creative project suitable for doing alone or with friends.

A promotional image for a DIY stained glass craft tutorial, featuring a faux stained glass hanging panel with a bold blue and yellow design that mimics traditional stained glass art

Unleash your creativity with a fun and easy DIY project featured here on

Artsy Karma. This guide will show you how to create stunning faux stained glass using inks. You'll be amazed by the results, and the process is so enjoyable you'll want to make more and more!

Colorful home decor

Detailed alcohol ink artwork depicting an angel with a vibrant turquoise and yellow halo, set against a textured green and yellow background, highlighting the intricate use of alcohol ink to create stained glass effects

In Layers of Ink: Stained Glass Effect, Anna-Karin Evaldsson guides readers through the process of creating a unique stained glass candle holder. Using alcohol inks, glitter papers, and other crafting supplies, she demonstrates how to create a stunning decor piece. This tutorial on the Layers of Ink blog is perfect for those looking to make handmade gifts or unique decorations for their home.

A large window pane beautifully decorated with alcohol ink in shades of purple and blue, showcasing intricate patterns and vibrant color blending

Take your crafting skills to the next level with this Alcohol Ink Stained Glass tutorial from Vicki Liston's blog. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to create a stunning faux-stained glass panel using alcohol inks. All you need is some quilter's tape, rubbing alcohol, and a few other supplies. Display your finished piece before a window for a beautiful, light-catching focal point.

A promotional image for a tutorial on how to make stained glass jars, featuring a decorated jar with a colorful mosaic design in a variety of bright colors highlighted with sparkling accents.

Here on ArtsyKarma, learn how to transform ordinary glass jars into stunning faux stained glass lanterns. My step-by-step guide will take you through selecting a pattern, tracing, coloring, and finishing your jar lanterns, creating beautiful art and decor.

Your turn to try!

I hope these tips and tutorials have shown you what's possible and piqued your interest in adding color to your home's glass. What is helpful is that you can find clear glass everywhere for cheap. Think dollar store or thrift shop. Or better yet, use something you might otherwise throw in the recycling bin ♻️.

If you love these ideas, please share ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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