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26 Fun DIY Mirror Decorating Craft Ideas to Add Fun to Your Walls

Learn how to make DIY mirror frame decorations for wall decor! Here are a bunch of ideas you’ll love, perfect for beginning crafters. Grab your old mirrors or get some craft mirrors and check out these projects.

Whether it is updating and embellishing an old mirror, to creating a frame for one, below are 26 unique ideas – with tutorials – that will get you seeing double (get it?)

26 diy mirror decor craft ideas

How do you make a DIY mirror frame?

The six mirror craft projects below show you how you can create a unique frame for mirrors that are made for crafting. They even have some that are flexible and cuttable.

diy mirror decor and craft projects

Here is my contribution to this round-up. In my tutorial, you'll see that recycled cardboard can make a suitable and ecological frame for a mirror.

diy mirror ideas and crafts

Check out this incredible geometric mirror by Yoleine at the Ruffled Blog. A fantastic idea to use simple materials.

diy mirror frame craft ideas

Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects shows us what stylish and creative things you can do using just three supplies.

diy mirror craft projects

This is such a fun-looking craft project. Adding a mirror to this traditional kid craft is a great idea.

How to put a border around a mirror

This has been a popular craft project on Pinterest, and you can learn this very creative version at Suzy's sitcom.

How to make a diy mirror frame

By Heather at Dollar Store Crafts

Make this retro mirror wall art using supplies from the dollar store.

How do you put a border around a mirror?

There are so many ways and different things you could use to create a border for a mirror. Check out the following projects:

What to use to frame a mirror

From the folks at Foraging Magic

This project incorporates a clever way to hang a DIY rope-wrapped mirror.

How to decorate a frameless mirror

Angie Holden shows us how to use simple wood slates and a fun paint technique to make this mirror.

How to embellish a mirror frame

From Jeanie at Create & Babble

This mirror project is so clever. The mirror Jeanie teaches you to make is functional, but it also looks as if she’s displaying a piece of art.

mirror crafts

By Lilly at Instrupix

Create this rustic-looking frame out of sticks and recycled cardboard—a good for the earth project.

diy mirror frame ideas

In this tutorial, you will learn how to dye wooden beads to make this simple mirror decor.

diy mirror decor

Learn how to make flowers out of egg cartons to frame a plain mirror. Though, they'd be fun for other crafts too.

How do you embellish a mirror frame?

If you've already got a framed mirror at home that needs a little pizzazz, check out these ideas:

diy mirror frame decoration

Lisa shared how to use seashells to frame a mirror. She describes two ways to do it, for already framed mirrors and mirrors without frames.

mirror craft projects

It’s not just wall mirrors that you can decorate. Check out this tutorial on how to add some decoupage to a compact mirror.

diy mirror frame decorating ideas

Josie is a girl after my own heart who likes to check out interesting products from the hardware store and use them in different ways. She’ll show you the find in her tutorial.

mirror frame decorating ideas

By Jenny at Sweet Teal

This tutorial teaches yet another fun thing you can do with artificial flowers. And with all the options in color and type of flower, you can create a mirror for any mood or occasion.

diy mirror frame ideas

Learn how to use wooden flourishes and gold paint to dress up a plain mirror at Mr. Kate

How do you decorate a frameless mirror?

In the next set of tutorials, you'll see ideas for the mirrors you may have that don't have frames.

diy mirror decor

Check out the cool effects you can do using glass stains with Brittni.

mirror embellishments

By Mylene at Mill Lane Studio

Find out how colored resin can add bling embellishments to the face of any mirror.

diy mirror crafts

By Kimberly at Single Girl’s DIY

This idea is so excellent. Learn how to add spackle to a plain round mirror to make this fantastic celestial mirror.

adding flare to a mirror

Discover how a little copper foil tape can transform a plain mirror.

decorating a mirror

By Amy from Mod Podge Rocks

At Mod Podge Rocks, Amy teaches how easy it is to dress up a dollar store mirror by simply using decoupage.

diy mirror ideas

Amy at Homey Oh My will show you how she created these inventive and sophisticated mirror hooks.

How do you update an old mirror frame?

This last group of mirror craft projects dresses up the mirror itself. Check them out:

mirror embellishment ideas

Nan from Royal Design Studios discovered how stenciling on mirrors created a fabulous look and covered the blemishes on an old mirror.

Adding words to a mirror

By Jen at 100 Directions

See how to use your Cricut to add inspirational words to a mirror to remind you how rad you are.

antiquing a mirror

By Natalie at Doodlecraft

In this tutorial, you will learn how to scratch an antique mirror. The result is super impressive.

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Diy mirror craft projects and decor

26 mirror decor ideas for your home


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