Textured Background For Mixed Media

The technique I’m going to teach you today is a little bit like the last couple I’ve shown you.

I actually have a file full of techniques and I choose which ones to put on the blog at random using a number generator. I know that’s kind of weird, but thats how I do it.

So my randomly chosen technique for today is watercolors over stenciled texture paste. And it does turn out differently than the prior techniques on the blog.

Check it out.

Materials I used:

So I chose card stock because I like to use these backgrounds for artist trading cards - I love making them.

Then I chose a background stencil to use.

I spread my texture medium over the stencil on my card stock.

I spread it fairly thin so it was even with the stencil.

Here’s what it looked like when I removed the stencil:

Let it dry.

Once dried, I got out my watercolors and started to add the first color. If you use multiple colors, it’s always best if you begin with lightest color first.

I saturated my brush as much as I could.

My second color:

My third:

And I ended with darkest color.

As you can see, I was intentional with where I added the colors. But you dont have to do that. It still looks cool if the colors are just splotted on randomly.

And here is the finished background once dried:

The part I love about it is how the watercolors dry in the cool way watercolors do.

Here are all the versions I made:

If you like this technique check out Texture Paste and Stencils for Mixed Media Backgrounds.

Get the supplies on Amazon:


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