Splatter Paint using a Toothbrush

I admit, that this technique is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s been an art activity we’ve shown our kids and probably did when we were kids as well. But I wanted To do two things; make this section of my blog include any and all background techniques, but also to remind everyone that you can turn all sorts of ideas, including the simple ones, into a backdrop for your mixed media art adventures.

You are going to need:

I made two backgrounds. One with acrylic paint and one with liquid watercolors.

I started with a flat background color in both cases


If you use acrylic paint, make sure you water it down.

And if you use liquid watercolors, all you have to do is dip your toothbrush in.

Now here is the important part when you go to flick your toothbrush:

DON'T HOLD THE TOOTHBRUSH OVER YOUR PAPER...unless you want big droplets on your page.

Hold your toothbrush to the side of the paper you want spattered. And then rub your thumb down the bristles in one quick motion:


I used different shades of yellow on my acrylics paper:

And here is with the watercolor:

And here is an artist trading card I made using the yellow background:


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