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Credit Card Painting Technique For Backgrounds

Discover the excellent results of painting with a credit card to spread acrylics over paper or a canvas.

The first time I did this technique, I was surprised at the result. I thought it might create a mixed-up color mess. But I was wrong.

The different colors seem to attach to the paper where you put them and spread out, so you end up with various colors that don’t mush together. Now, too much swiping, and you could get a mess of mixed color, but if you do it right, they’re separate and beautiful.

make easy backgrounds for your art journal

How do you paint with a credit card?

Step 1:

Apply little dollops of paint to different spots on your card stock.

Use a few colors and be random where you put the drops of paint.

add paint for acrylic painting tutorial

Step 2:

Pressing against the card stock, slowly scrape away the paint.

It should leave different colored areas on your paper.

painting with a credit card

Step 3:

Using little strokes, scrape outward with the credit card.

You can fill in any white gaps with another swipe of the card.

credit card painting technique

But be careful; too many swipes will mix the colors and not look as good.

credit card painting

And there you go!

Credit card painting technique result

Here are examples of a few color options:

How could you use this technique?

And here is a mixed media postcard I made using the technique:

mixed media postcard using Credit card painting technique

Painting with a credit card makes easy backgrounds


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