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Creative Card Making: How to Print and Color Digital Stamps for Mixed Media Art

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to print black and white images from online, color them beautifully, and transform them into stunning mixed-media art for card making.

You may have heard of these black-and-white images called digital stamps or digi-stamps. Many online shops sell designs, or you can find free ones like the ones I did for my project.

Digital stamps card making idea showing a printed and colored skateboard design used as a focal point for a handmade card. Text reads: "Print black and white images from online and add color to use as a focal point.

You'll need an app to resize the image to what you need and a printer. You'll also need something to color them in.

Download some free printable celestial digital stamps at the bottom of this post.

How to resize and print digital stamps for mixed media art and card-making

I did a Google image search to find a skateboard image for the artist trading card I made.

A screenshot of a Google image search for black and white skateboard graphics, showcasing various designs that can be used as digital stamps for crafting projects.

Pinterest is another good way to find images.

And many Etsy sellers sell digital stamp printables as well.

Once you find an image you like, you'll have to save it or copy it to put it in a program where you can resize it.

An iPad screen displaying a collection of black and white skateboard graphics in a digital notebook, used as digital stamps for coloring and crafting.

I used the app Goodnotes to resize my images, though Microsoft Word will work as well.

Once you've got the images to the right size, you will print them out and color them.

A hand coloring a printed black and white skateboard graphic with colored pencils. The skateboard is designed to be used as a digital stamp for crafting.

I colored my skateboard with watercolor pencils. Another good option is alcohol markers.

Depending on what you used to color in your image, it can be a good idea to go over the black lines with a pen.

A hand adding detailed coloring to a printed skateboard digital stamp using markers. The skateboard features vibrant colors and is part of a card-making projec

I used a black gel pen for this step.

Once you finish adding color, cut them out and attach them to your project.

A vibrant handmade card featuring colorful skateboard designs created using printed and colored digital stamps.

 A colorful handmade Artist trading card featuring three skateboard designs created using printed and colored digital stamps. The background is a textured yellow with dots.

I used one of my mixed-media backgrounds that I had made previously.

A collection of celestial-themed digital stamps including crescent moons and suns with faces. Text reads: "Print them out, color them with markers or colored pencils, cut them out and add to your mixed-media artwork. By

Download these celestial digi-stamps!

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Have fun coloring them in!

A colorful handmade card featuring skateboard designs created using printed and colored digital stamps. Text reads: "How to Use Digital Stamps for Card Making

A tutorial graphic showing a black and white skateboard graphic transformed into a colorful mixed media art piece. Text reads: "How to print digital stamps for mixed media art.


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