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Make Woven Spider Web Magnets for Halloween Front Door Decor

Are you looking for an engaging Halloween craft? Might you also be looking for a way to decorate your front door this Halloween? Well, this is the post for you then.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you a fun way to make yarn and popsicle stick spider webs (add a spider at the end) and how to use them to decorate your front door for Halloween.

And not only all the above, but you can get nearly all the spider web supplies at the Dollar Tree. Can't get better than that.

DIY glitter spiderweb for halloween

And if you can see in the above picture, the spiderweb sparkles because everything is better with glitter!

But first, you might be asking yourself...

How do you get decorations to stick on your front door?

Most front doors are made of metal. Therefore, using magnets is an awesome way to put up temporary, seasonal decorations without damaging your front door or causing you a headache to clean.

So let me show you how to weave these fun little spider webs and turn them into magnets.

Check out last years Halloween spider magnet tutorial.

(Don't forget to check your dollar store for most of these supplies)

Supplies to make a glitter spiderweb out of yarn

How do you weave a spider web?

Step 1

Start by painting at least 3 popsicle sticks with white craft paint. Let dry.

Paint spiderweb popsicle sticks white

Step 2

Using tacky glue or a glue gun, put dabs of the adhesive in the middle of two of the sticks. Attach all 3 sticks together, in the middle, so that both ends of all three sticks are spaced out evenly from each other making a star like shape. Then let dry (if using tacky glue.)

Glue popsicle sticks together for web

Popsicle sticks to be used to make a spiderweb

Step 3

Grab your ball of white yarn and tie the loose end to the middle of your popsicle star so the string goes straight across evenly between the 6 sticks. Make sure the knot is tied on the back.

You can weave a spiderweb

Next, pull the yarn to between two sticks without yarn yet and go straight across. Do it again with the third intersection.

Making a spiderweb with yarn

Step 4

To begin the weave,

  • Pull the yarn from the back of the star on the left side of one of the sticks.

  • Pull the yarn to the right going over the same stick plus the next one over.

  • You then go under the second stick and make a loop with the yarn so that you again have the yarn coming from the back of the left side of the second stick.

  • Continue the same weaving instructions around the star.

Weave a spiderweb using yarn and popsicle sticks

As you go around, you’ll move the yarn up a bit to leave a third of an inch between the strings.

Spiderweb made of yarn and popsicle sticks

When you get to the point where you only have about a half of an inch of popsicle stick left, stop. Tie a knot around the stick you leave off at. (For some reason, I found that particularly tricky.)

Ending the spiderweb weave

At this point, you can cut the string at the knot to make the magnets, or you could leave a good length to hang the spider webs as a different option.

Step 5

Spray your web with adhesive spray.

Spray adhesive on diy spider web

Step 6

Sprinkle white glitter over the web.

I used thick cut, holographic glitter because I thought it gave more sparkle pizazz.

Make some glittered spiderwebs

Sparkle pizazz:

Adding glitter to spiderweb craft

Step 6

Use a glue gun to attach a little plastic spider to your spiderweb.

Attaching spiders to diy woven spiderwebs

Glitter spiderweb craft for Halloween

Step 7

Use the glue gun again to attach a magnet button to the back of the web.

Turning your spiderweb craft into a magnet

And you're done!

You can throw a few on your front door:

Halloween door decor idea

Glitter spider web craft

Or you can do my favorite thing to do with them...

Stick the spiderweb magnets on all your neighbors mailboxes!!

woven spider web magnet on mailbox

And really freak out your mailman too 😱!

And if you liked my Halloween spider web magnets, I would love it if you shared ❤️❤️

Spooky spider web craft project and diy door decoration

DIY spider web weaving craft for halloween


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