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Craft the Perfect Outdoor Halloween Decor with a Spider Suncatcher

Hey, craft lovers! You've landed in the right place if you're searching for a DIY Halloween decoration that adds a spooky vibe to your outdoor space.

Today, I'm sharing a step-by-step guide on how to make a super cool Halloween Spider Suncatcher for your porch.

Using just an acrylic disc, some shrink film, and a bit of creativity, you can transform your porch into a hauntingly beautiful spot that'll envy the neighborhood. Let's get crafting!

how to make a spider suncatcher

One of the best things about craft tutorials is that while they give specific instructions and a supply list for a project, they also can serve simply as inspiration.

You might see the project and want to tweak it to match another idea. Or it might give you a better understanding of how to do a particular technique.

Craft projects are a form of creativity, and I encourage you to think of different ideas you can get or how to use different supplies to make a craft project if you don't have them.

suncatcher supplies

Step 1 - Trace spiderweb onto acrylic disc

using spiderweb template

Use an embossing pen to draw or trace a spiderweb on the acrylic disc (I used a six-inch disc). Draw the web all the way to the edge.

Make sure not to smudge it accidentally.

At the end of the tutorial, there is a PDF of the spiderweb and spider templates you can download when you subscribe to my newsletter) You can also resize and print out the spiderweb image. You can use Microsoft Word or another program to resize it to your desired size.

spiderweb template

Step 2 - Pour white embossing powder onto the disc

using embossing powder on spiderweb

Use white embossing powder to pour onto the spiderweb you drew on the disc.

After you've covered the whole thing, it's likely that some powder got on places you don't want. Use a paintbrush to carefully remove the extra powder before you heat it up.

I recommend using a tray made for collecting powder and glitter so you can easily pour it back into the bottle.

Step 3 - Heat the embossing powder

embossing powder on plastic

Use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder. You'll know how long to heat it when the powder melts completely together in a smooth line.

Step 4 - Paint the back with glass paint

glass paint on acrylic

Flip the disc over and use glass paint to paint it orange.

How do you paint something see-through?

Painting on see-through materials like acrylic or glass requires special techniques and the right type of paint to ensure the colors stick and are visible.

One popular option is to use acrylic paint or specialized glass paint, applying it in thin layers to allow light to pass through.

Step 5 - Trace spider shape onto shrink plastic

making spider template

Put a spider template (you can download a PDF version at the end of the tutorial with 2 spider shape options) under a piece of shrink plastic (shrinky dinks) and trace it with a permanent black marker.

Do this three times to make three spiders.

spider template

You can also copy and paste this image to resize and print.

For more spider crafts, see my spider magnets for your door and yarn spiderweb projects

How much does shrink film shrink?

The amount that shrink film shrinks can vary by brand, but it's generally around 50% to 60% in both dimensions. That means if you start with a 4-inch piece, you can expect it to shrink down to about 1.6 to 2 inches. It's essential to keep this in mind when planning your project dimensions.

Step 6 - Fill in the spider shapes with a black marker and cut out

drawing spiders with template

Use a permanent marker to fill in the spider shapes to give them an even coverage of black color.

shrink film spiders

Cut out the spiders.

Step 7 - Punch a hole at the top of the spider

punch holes for shrinky dink spider charms

Very important - use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of two of the spiders.

Step 8 - Bake the spiders to shrink

shrinky dink spiders

Use the instructions on the shrinky dinks or any other shrink plastic to bake the spiders so they'll shrink.

Step 9 - Paint the spiders with black gloss paint

spiders from shrink film

Now that the spider has shrunk, its edges will be thicker and will need to be colored black.

painting shrink plastic

Paint them with black gloss paint to match the shine of the embossing powder for the web.

Step 10 - Add a flatback marble to the center of the spider (optional)

diy spider charm

I thought it would be cool to give the spiders some dimension so I glued a black flat-back marble onto the center of the spider.

diy shrink plastic spiders

Step 11 - Drill holes in acrylic disc

diy scrylic suncatcher

Use a rotary tool or drill to drill two holes at the top for the suncatcher to hang.

As well as two holes at the bottom for the spiders to hang, leaving 2-3 inches in between.

Step 12 - Use jump rings to attach the chain for hanging

suncatcher craft

Cut 10 inches or so of chain and attach them to the two holes at the top for hanging the suncatcher.

make a suncatcher

Step 13 - Attach chain for hanging the spiders

diy hanging spiders

Cut two lengths of chain, with one being a couple of inches shorter than the other, so that the spiders don't hang right next to each other.

Attach the spiders to the acrylic disc.

Step 14 - Glue the spider with no hole onto the disc

diy spider suncatcher

Use epoxy glue to attach the spider without a hole onto the spiderweb on the disc.

Hang on your front porch for all your daytime visitors to see. Who says Halloween decor is only for the nighttime?

outdoor spider decor

Do you need direct sunlight for suncatchers?

While suncatchers are designed to catch and disperse light, they don't necessarily need direct sunlight to be effective. Even in indirect light, the materials and colors you use can still create beautiful effects. However, placing them in an area that receives some amount of natural light will certainly maximize their impact.

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