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How to create an Acrylic Resist Background for mixed Media

Resist backgrounds are always fun, I think. I love how the back image or pattern pops out once you put a second medium on.

Here is an easy resist background technique. And most of us have the supplies on hand.

Acrylic resist background technique

In case you’re new to mixed media and the supplies, most times, craft paint works great when acrylic paint is instructed to use.

Here’s the list of supplies you’ll need:

acrylic resist supplies

Step 1

Cover a stamp with a layer of craft paint.

Don’t forget to wash your stamp right after. I use a toothbrush to get all the paint out of the nooks and crannies.

Acrylic paint on a stamp

Step 2:

Press the stamp onto your paper.

I’ve been using a brayer for even coverage.

stamp with acrylic paint

Step 3:

Let it dry.

stamping with acrylic paint

Step 4:

Spray your stamped image with spray inks.

using ink as a resist

inking as a resist with acrylic paints

I like to use a couple of different colors of ink. But make sure all the colors compliment each other - or not. It’s your art.

how to do an acrylic and ink resist

Let dry and check out how the acrylic paint shows through the ink.

acrylic resist background tutorial

mixed media backgrounds using acrylics

I made this artist trading card using one of the backgrounds:

altered playing card with acrylic resist background

Get the supplies on Amazon:

mixed media background technique tutorial

tutorial for mixed media background


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