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Stamping With Ink Spray

Are you looking for a fun stamping technique to use for cardmaking?

Well, I've got one for you.

It's a simple stamping technique. Instead of using the usual ink pads, I'm going to show you how to use spray inks instead. It leaves a vibrant, watercolor-like result.

Check it out...

Stamping with spray inks

Supplies needed:

Grab any of the ink sprays you've got. As you can see, I even used some tie-dye ink that came in a spray bottle. I've also made my own ink sprays using liquid watercolors, alcohol ink, paint, etc.

If you love using spray ink check out spray ink and gesso and spray ink on foil background techniques.

For this technique, start by squirting one of your inks on a silicone mat or anything that will keep the ink floating on top.

How to stamp with spray inks.

Next, put your stamp onto the ink...

Use stamps with spray inks

And then start stamping your card stock.

Stamping card backgrounds

The ink spray I used here was Dylusions Shimmer Spray that had some mica powder in it so it looks all metallic. Cool huh?

Rubber stamping technique for backgrounds

Keep on adding different colors with different stamps.

Stamping technique for cardmaking background

Here is my final result:

Stamping card background

Isn't that neat? I love how it's not uniform and how the colors blend together a little bit.

If you like it, please share. You can also upload a photo of how yours turned out in the comments.

Get the supplies on Amazon:

Stamping with spray inks background idea

Stamp with spray inks


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