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Mason Jar Lid Decoration Idea: Homemade Resin Magnets With A Touch of Charm

Whether you're searching for mason jar lid decoration ideas to repurpose those extra lids lying around or want to try resin crafts, this magnets tutorial is a fantastic starting point.

I found mini mason jar lids at the dollar store, though any lids will work!

How can I repurpose mason jar lids for decoration?

Mason jar lids are a hidden gem in the crafting world. They offer a surprising number of repurposing opportunities. You could use them to frame miniature art pieces, create rustic ornaments for the holiday season, or even design a whimsical wind chime. Check out my tutorial on turning mason jar lids into coasters.

And today, we can explore how to turn these often-overlooked lids into delightful homemade magnets using a few additional materials and a dash of creativity.

What materials are needed to make DIY fridge magnets?

A whole range of materials can be used to create unique, attractive, and functional magnets. The possibilities are endless, from polymer clay and decorative buttons to bottle caps and even small toys. These everyday items can be easily transformed into quirky magnets that add a dash of character to your space. I’ve made many magnet tutorials, including seasonal ones.

The tutorial:

Supplies to make resin magnets

Step 1 - Create sayings out of word beads

Word embellishments for magnets

It could take you a long time to decide what phrases you might want to choose for your magnets, like it did me.

Instead of word beads, you could also use word stickers as another option.

Step 2 - Trace and cut scrapbook paper for the background around the lid

Use scrapbook paper for jar lid craft

Choose scrapbook paper for the background of your magnet and trace around the lid.

Cut the paper around where you traced.

Step 3 - Insert scrapbook paper background

Use scrapbook paper for resin craft

Depending on how well you cut the paper, it might be able just to pop in.

Step 4 - Glue on the words

Embellishments for resin magnets

Use craft glue to attach the words how you want them.

Step 5 - Add embellishments

Add embellishments for resin magnets

Add whatever little embellishments you have to make these magnets really creative.

I used multi-purpose cement to give the musical note enough lift to be even with the words.

How to use craft foam for craft projects

You could also use double-sided craft foam to give embellishments some lift.

Embellishing jar lids

Little rhinestones can add a nice touch.

Step 6 - Pour in resin

make resin magnets

Mix together your 2-part resin and pour into the lid.

You can cover the words and embellishments with resin or expose the tops. Let cure.

Step 7 - Attach a button magnet

How to make resin magnets

Make a resin magnet craft

Use epoxy glue to attach a button magnet.

(Optional) Add your own touch

Make a jar lid craft

I painted a world image for the above lid and added glitter Mod Podge to the water area.

The finished magnets:

DIY resin magnets

DIY embellished magnet craft

Resin jar lid craft

DIY jar lid craft

Didn't they come out super cute?

So, find some jar lids (see also the coasters I made with jar lids) and get creative with whatever embellishments you have!

Turn jar lids into magnets

Do it yourself, resin magnets


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