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Make Your Own Spooky Spider Magnets for Your Front Door

Here is my Halloween themed version of my series of seasonal magnets for your front door. Not long ago I posted DIY Fall Leaf Embellishments for Your Front Door.

This project is very similar in that I found something related to Halloween, glammed it up a bit, and stuck magnets on the back so they’d stick to my front door. I’ve found this to be a fun decorating idea that can be reused each year. And it can take advantage of our paranoid societies' use of metal front doors. Not that we shouldn't be careful, mind you.

Spooky Spiders DIY Magnets for your Front Door

You might have the same trouble I have been having that is the neighborhood kids seem to really like them, so keep on the lookout to see if they've crawled to your neighbor's door :)

Supplies to make diy creepy spiders decor

I got both the spiders and the magnets at Dollar Tree. And I'm pretty certain you can get rhinestones there on occasion as well.

I was a little disappointed when I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up these supplies, honestly. I had imagined the spiders being smaller, but I couldn't find any. And I had really wanted to glitter them up myself, but dag nab it, they were already sparkly.

My biggest contribution to these spooky little guys is the red rhinestone I added to make it seem like a black widow. I know the placement is not anatomically correct for a black widow, but its where I thought it looked the best.

Step 1:

Add a dollop of glue to your chosen rhinestone place and add one.

Creating a diy creepy spider for halloween decoration

Making a diy black widow for halloween

So, I had a couple of other problems I had to hack around in order to get these guys on my front door.

The first one is that I did not have rhinestones of the right size in red. So, I did an experiment to see if alcohol ink would turn a clear rhinestone red...

Die a rhinestone red for diy spider decor

It totally does!

Step 2:

When your rhinestones dry, flip over your spider and glue a magnet on it.

Glue magnets on spiders for spooky door decor

The second issue I had to hack was that the smaller sized spiders were hollow on the bottom:

Making spider magnets for door decorations

So for these guys, I whipped out my tub of air dry clay - I would have used play doe if we had any. I glued in a little ball of it in the middle of my spiders insides.

Making halloween spiders more bulky for halloween decoration

And when that was firmly in place, I glued on my magnet.

Making spider magnets for halloween decor

And there you go!

Scary black widow spider magnets

Now you can have creepy crawly's all over your front door to scare unwanted visitors. That or welcome spider-loving neighborhood kids to your door. Either one.

Create diy spider magnets for halloween

And if you can't locate these items around where you live, try Amazon:

diy spider magnets for your front door
diy spooky spiders for your front door

Make diy spooky spiders for your front door


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