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Colorful DIY Resin Pendants with Organic Flowers

I don't know if you all have noticed yet, but I'm a color junkie. I love bright, color-filled everything. And I think my craft projects definitely reflect that.

Today I'm showing you how to make these bright and colorful resin pendants. They also contain bright and colorful organic dried flowers. When all finished they look like beautiful glass art. Don't you think?

Step 1

Clean your bezel with rubbing alcohol using a q-tip.

This helps the packing tape you'll use stick to the bezel.

Step 2

Lay out a piece of packing tape a little bigger than your bezel sticky side up. And then set your clean bezel on top of it.

Step 3

Using your finger(s) press on the bezel so it burnishes to the packing tape. You want the packing tape to completely seal the one side of your bezel so that none of the resin seeps out.

Step 4

Mix your resin.

It usually comes in two parts. And you usually use equal parts of both. You only need enough to fill the number of bezels you are doing, plus a little extra for just in case. Stir the resin mix for two minutes. And then let it settle for a minute. You can breathe on it with your hot breath to pop any bubbles.

Alternatively, you can get some pre-mixed resin that activates in sunlight or UV light. If the mixing of the two two-part resin is a challenge for you, I suggest using the UV resin. But you will need to use it inside and perhaps without the lights on. It hardens quickly when exposed to light.

Step 5

You will need to set aside a little of your mixed resin before we add the color.

Step 6

Add a few drops of alcohol ink into your main resin mix.

There are many kinds of alcohol ink. There are some with a higher concentration of pigment and there are some that are made especially for resin that are oily. That's the kind I used.

Step 7

Mix the color in.

Step 8

Pour the colored resin into the bezel, almost filling it up.

Step 9

Now add a little bit of the clear resin you set aside. This is so your dried flowers won't be covered up with the colored resin.

Step 10

Add a little resin to a silicone mat or one you don't care about.

Place the flowers you want to use onto the resin and using a toothpick, carefully coat the flowers with the resin.

Step 11

Using the toothpick, gently place the dried flowers on the resin in the bezel.

Step 12

Arrange the flowers in the bezel using a toothpick.

Add some clear resin over the flowers if they aren't covered already.

Step 13

Allow it to cure until it's totally hardened. At that point, remove the packing tape.

Here are all the pendants I made using this technique:

Aren't those cool?

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